The world’s largest thermonuclear reactor, JT-60SA, has been launched

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This is currently the largest thermonuclear reactor in the world – until the ITER in southern France becomes operational.

More about the ITER tokamak can be found at the following link:

Scientists have activated the JT-60SA tokamak in Naka, north of Tokyo, Japan. For now, the main goal of JT-60SA is to serve as a research object and study how thermonuclear power plants, to be built one day, will actually operate. The device weighs over 2600 tons, is 15 meters high, and nearly 14 meters wide.

According to experts, it will take another two years before the device produces the long-lasting plasma necessary for significant physical experiments.

The tokamak is the result of the collaboration of over 500 scientists and engineers and over 70 companies from Europe and Japan.

In the device, hydrogen is heated to 200 million degrees Celsius to transform into plasma, enclosed for about 100 seconds using a powerful magnetic system created by 28 superconducting coils.

More about the Japanese-European project can be found on the website: