NSK develops highly adaptable robotic hand module

Source of information: NSK

Automation is becoming the answer to the global challenges of labour shortages, offering solutions especially in areas where there is a shortage of labour, such as retail, catering and manufacturing.

Thanks to its modular design, NSK’s robotic hand can efficiently perform tasks that require precision, helping to speed up the adaptation of robots in various industries.

NSK and the German Aerospace Centre have started to develop a robotic hand system that will revolutionise automation in the service sector.

This modular system, which can be customised to meet specific user needs, uses advanced finger modules to provide a breakthrough in the automation of manual tasks, including gripping a variety of objects.

Smooth movement and gentle gripping of a wide range of objects is possible thanks to electronic control technology developed by the German Aerospace Centre, while NSK’s patented detachable magnetic mechanism allows finger modules to be quickly and easily rearranged by pulling a lever to attach or detach them as required.

Using digital twin technology, NSK has developed an algorithm that optimises module placement for maximum efficiency. With this solution, NSK is opening up new possibilities for robotic system integrators and end users, offering flexible and cost-effective automation options for a wide range of industries.

Practical testing of the new system will begin soon and promises to be a significant change in the approach to automating manual tasks.

Photo: NSK

Photo: NSK