OLED display production line launched by Inuru company

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OLED lighting manufacturer Inuru has launched a production line that prints OLED displays in any shape and size on demand. Thin as paper, these light sources are exceptionally bright and energy efficient.

The company, founded by Marcin Ratajczak and Patrick Barkowski, is the first European company to develop such a production process. Lightweight, thin layers are printed onto conventional PET film.

What is the process of manufacturing such an OLED diode?

It all comes down to layer-by-layer deposition. A layer called the anode is deposited on a transparent, very thin PET film. Then organic electroluminescent compounds based on carbon, which are designed to emit light and through which current flows, are applied. Finally, a reflective metal layer is applied to act as the cathode.

The launch of the production line lays a solid foundation for the product’s broad market introduction. The entire production system enables all products to be manufactured fully automatically and cost-effectively on a single production line. As a result, production costs can be reduced by up to approximately 90% compared to traditional processes.

The applications for such lighting are many and varied. The company is already working with well-known brands such as Coca Cola, Cattier Champagne and Displate. According to Patrick Barkowski, CTO and co-founder of Inuru, the application of their product could become even more diversified. The company plans to penetrate the packaging market by displaying interactive content on it.