Sewio RTLS Studio 2.6: Backchannel Feature Unlocks a Host of New Use Cases

Source of information: Sewio
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Sewio, a UWB-based real-time location system (RTLS) vendor, today unveiled their latest version, Sewio RTLS version 2.6. The latest version introduces the backchannel feature, which enables two-directional communication with tags, and several other features that extend the scope of numerous use cases improving safety, efficiency, and accuracy.

The headline feature, backchannel, allows two-way communication between the RTLS Studio and the tag(s) via UWB signals. A common way to leverage this feature to save time and frustration is by triggering a specific tag to flash its LED and guide a worker to the exact asset (otherwise known in the industry as “pick-by-light”). This time-saving feature means that workers can go directly to the precise location of an asset rather than simply the general vicinity where it is stored with identical inventory.

Backchannel also enables new employee safety applications by effectively notifying workers of potential dangers in real-time. For example, it can trigger tags to emit a sound or vibration to warn workers of a nearby threat. Accidents caused by unseen traffic around corners can now be safely avoided.

“Version 2.6 opens the door to new ways to boost efficiency and safety while helping the bottom line. We understand that as our partners and customers’ goals expand, we need to challenge ourselves to better serve them,” stated Lubomir Mraz, CTO of Sewio Networks. “The backchannel feature is supported with all location models – an innovation solely unique to Sewio – and allows for a drastically shortened project payback period.”

Illustration: Sewio

Illustration: Sewio