Meltio created software for wire-laser 3D printing solutions with a robotic arm

Source of information: Meltio

The company has taken a giant leap towards facilitating the use of its unique metal 3D printing solutions. They presented Meltio Space software which increase the reliability of metal part manufacturing for creating accurate parts.

This is a toolpath generator software for the Meltio Engine Robot Integration with an easy-to-use interface for planar, non-planar, and variable extrusion toolpaths. It also includes 2-axis workpiece positioner interpolation, kinematics simulation, collisions check, and cell configuration.

This new slicer is an innovative addition to the Meltio product lineup, offering a new perspective on 3D printing by breaking free from the limitations of traditional 3-axis systems. Meltio Space takes a step further and expands the possibilities by incorporating advanced robotic manipulation capabilities.

This toolpath generator software is specifically developed for an accelerated adoption of Meltio technology and revolutionizes the field of robotic additive manufacturing. With its intuitive design, users can quickly adapt to and leverage the benefits of robotic additive manufacturing without requiring expertise in robotics or programming.

Meltio Space revolutionizes the world of 3D printing by going beyond the constraints of traditional 3-axis systems. With its integration of 6-axis robotic manipulator and 2-axis workpiece positioners, it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for metal 3D printing. The comprehensive coordination, multi-axis toolpath generation, and enhanced design freedom provided by Meltio Space propel the industry forward, empowering users to create intricate, customized, and highly detailed metal parts like never before.

It is software designed for additive manufacturing for the Meltio Engine integrated into a robotic arm integration. Prior to the launch of Meltio Space, the company had signed an agreement with 12 major software companies with which its technology is compatible and open. But, thanks to Meltio Space now the company facilitates the use or adoption of its wire-laser technology for industrial customers who do not have specific expertise in robotics and additive manufacturing, and all these capabilities are integrated in the new Meltio Space.

Meltio Space makes it possible to design very reliable parts as quickly as possible and with a wider range of possibilities for our industrial customers. And this is thanks to a very user-friendly interface of the Meltio Engine Robot Integration. It also includes preset and recommended material profiles and 3D printing parameters and a series of specific processors for robot arms from ABB, Kuka, Fanuc, and Yaskawa including collision detection, and simulation. Industrial applications are improved thanks to the new Meltio Space software in which the learning curve of our Engine integrators was very low because they depended on third-party software and those developers do not have the knowledge that we can have in Meltio of the Meltio Engine. So the main goal of our technology is to give the most efficient tool that allows the industry the most of the applications they need to manufacture metal parts with our wire-laser technology. Meltio Space is a living platform that will provide feedback to keep improving and offers competitive software to different industrial customers of Meltio – said Meltio Engine Product Manager, Alejandro Nieto.

By offering a user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, this advanced robot slicer simplifies the integration of the most popular robotic brands with a built-in robot library and post-processors for ABB, Kuka, FANUC, and Yaskawa. Unlike other software solutions, the Meltio Space robot slicer includes these features at no extra cost. Moreover, Meltio Space removes complexity in the 3D printing workflow, making it accessible to industrial users of all levels.

Whether it’s understanding the interpolation of workpiece positioners or applying slicing strategies, Meltio Space streamlines the entire process, enabling users to embrace the power of additive manufacturing with ease offering a unified platform that enhances workflow efficiency and productivity.

Photo: Meltio

Photo: Meltio