Heatmasters delivered a new heat treatment furnace to RAFAKO in Poland

Source of information: Heatmasters
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The heat treatment furnace that was delivered will further expand and optimize the in-house heat treatment processes at RAFAKO.

The decision to buy a new moveable furnace from Heatmasters provided us the opportunity to be more flexible and reduce the time and cost of our in-house heat treatment processes. Investing into this new furnace from Heatmasters allows us to extend our facilities’ capabilities and scope of offering to our clients said Jakub Konior, Plant Director/Proxy at RAFAKO SA.

The company completed the design and engineering work for this furnace and provided heating technology, as well as installation and commissioning services. As a cost-effective solution, the steel works for the furnace were completed locally by RAFAKO, under the supervision of Heatmasters.

The dimensions of this new furnace are 6 x 6 x 2 meters. The furnace has a maximum operating temperature of 800 °C and a heating power output of 216 kW. The furnace includes Heatmasters’ digital temperature control system with a Rigel26 controller. This provides RAFAKO with accurate, repeatable heat treatment processes, digital process control, and documentation of each heat treatment.

Heatmasters furnaces and equipment are supported by modern, high-tech features and backed by the industry’s most comprehensive life-cycle services to ensure smooth and efficient heat treatment operations for years to come.

Photo: Heatmasters

Photo: Heatmasters