NSK awarded Bosch Global Supplier Award

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Every two years, Bosch honours the pick of its suppliers from around the world with the Bosch Global Supplier Award. This year, NSK’s esteemed award in the Raw Materials and Components category underscores the company’s exceptional performance as a global supplier of innovative motion and control solutions, and its commitment to excellence in mobility and across wider industry.

The NSK product portfolio contains for example ball screws for electric-hydraulic braking systems, which are essential for advanced automotive safety features such as automatic emergency brake systems. These systems, now mandatory on new vehicles in many countries, help prevent accidents by scanning the road ahead of the vehicle and engaging the brakes to avoid potential collisions.

Dr Arne Flemming, Head of Supply Chain Management at Bosch, highlighted the award’s significance: “With the Bosch Global Supplier Awards, we honour our best suppliers. The recipients rank at the top of our global supplier base of some 35,000 companies. Our award winners impressed us with their outstanding performance in the manufacture and supply of raw materials, products and services. We see them as leading the way, especially in terms of quality, cost and sustainability.”

For Bosch, suppliers are also partners in development and innovation that help the company stay competitive and meet sustainability targets. Partners willing to provide close collaboration can take advantage of early-stage involvement in Bosch strategies and development projects, gaining useful insights into future requirements. These partnerships also strengthen global supply chain resilience, while simultaneously forming an important basis for a functioning economy. In 2022, Bosch Group’s purchasing volume totalled around €50 billion.

“A functioning economy needs robust supply chains,” said Flemming. “We and our suppliers must therefore deliver top performance on a daily basis, from the innovation phase to production and aftermarket services. Our awardees play a special part in the efforts of Bosch to achieve this outcome.”

Photo: NSK

Photo: NSK