Konecranes to supply fully automated cranes waste-to-energy facility in Serbia

Source of information: Konecranes

Konecranes has been selected to provide two fully automated grab lifter cranes for Elixir Group’s upcoming waste-to-energy facility in Serbia. The partnership aims to enhance efficiency and streamline operations at the facility, showcasing a commitment to cutting-edge technology in waste management.

The project entails the integration of two 17-ton cranes strategically positioned within the site’s waste bunker. These cranes are intricately designed to carry out various functions, including the categorization of diverse waste types, blending different materials, and facilitating the supply to the fuel preparation hall and feeding hoppers of the combustion line.

Engineered for continuous 24/7 operation, these cranes are intended to optimize throughput, ensuring a consistent fuel supply for the incineration process while adhering to stringent environmental guidelines.

Damjan Karlovčan, Assistant Director for R&D Project Implementation at Elixir Group, expressed confidence in Konecranes, stating, “From the very beginning of negotiations, Konecranes demonstrated a high level of professionalism, aiding us in identifying key aspects of our planning that would require special attention. The good mutual understanding, prompt responses, and willingness to address every request further convinced us of Konecranes’ expertise. The company’s reputable standing, backed by numerous references and a robust service network, instilled confidence in us that the project execution will be smooth, and we can expect excellent aftersales support.”

Markus Scheibelberger, Director Product Sales, Industrial Service & Equipment, EMEA, Konecranes, emphasized their commitment beyond equipment supply, stating, “At Konecranes, our commitment goes beyond merely supplying a single piece of lifting equipment. We engage in comprehensive consultation with our customers right from the project’s initiation, actively assisting in optimizing layout, throughput, and material handling equipment so we can design the most suitable solution with the best possible performance.”

Fot. Konecranes

Fot. Konecranes