Apotea has implemented an automated warehouse that handles 50,000 orders per day and one million shipments per month

Source of information: Apotea

The solution implemented for Apotea’s warehouse, a Swedish e-commerce giant, consists of 20,000 containers, 4 carousel ports, 30 AutoStore robots, and 3 robotic arms for order picking.

The robotic arm operates using a GPU processor and provides specific benefits: secure and precise order picking, cost optimization of workforce, streamlining the supply chain, high profitability, and a quick return on investment.

How does it all look in detail? Cameras on the arm serve as the robot’s “eyes,” and the gripper with suction cups functions like a hand with movable fingers.

Using machine learning, the robot’s gripper automatically selects the best way to retrieve items from AutoStore. This feature allows the collaborative robot to seamlessly complement the AutoStore system, accelerating order fulfillment, delivery, and handling products safely.

Apotea’s warehouse processes 50,000 orders daily, resulting in 1 million shipments monthly.

Take a look at the video to see how it works: