SATO CL4NX Plus – the leader among label and barcode printers? Expert opinion of IBCS Poland

SATO CL4NX Plus – the leader among label and barcode printers? Expert opinion of IBCS Poland

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As experts in label and barcode printers, we often test new solutions thanks to which the services we provide to customers can be at an even higher level. Today we will tell you more about the best-in-class 4-inch industrial printer SATO CL4NX Plus, which was tested by one of our experts – Tomasz Tomera.

SATO CL4NX Plus industrial printer is an improved version of the CL4NX model. Its special feature is a very high speed when printing at a resolution of 203 and 300 dpi (previously it was a maximum of 254 mm / s, this model reaches up to 355 mm / s), as well as the maximum outer diameter of the roll as much as 265 mm, i.e. 45 mm more than for the previous model. A novelty that has not been present in SATO printers before is the so-called white line on the platen roller. It gives an overview of the level of wear of the shaft, which allows for efficient maintenance of equipment and avoiding downtime.

Some technical data

SATO CL4NX Plus printer comes in three variants of the built-in print head: 203, 305 and 609 dpi. The device supports printing in thermal transfer and thermal technology, printing labels with a maximum width of 104 mm at a speed of up to 355 mm / s. The device also has a 3.5-inch color LCD display informing about the current printing status, as well as displaying instructional videos, thanks to which it is easier to take actions related to the operation and servicing of the printer. Users also have the option to upload their own videos that can guide employees.

In addition, the printer also supports the SATO Online Services (SOS) platform, which continuously monitors the status of the device and informs in advance about impending technical problems or the need to replace consumables.

Printing type: continuous, tear-off, cut, with a feeder, for labels without a liner, the so-called lineless.

Print speed: up to 355 mm/s

Maximum outer diameter of the roll: 265 mm

Maximum width of the printing area: 104 mm

Maximum length of the printing area: 2500 mm

Processor: 2 CPUs and operating systems (800 MHz for Linux and 800 MHz for ITRON)

Memory: processor 1 – 2GB ROM, 256MB RAM, processor 2 – 4MB ROM, 64MB RAM

Printer dimensions: 271mm x 457mm x 321mm

Printer weight: 15.1 kg

Display: TFT full color LCD, 3.5 inches

Printer use areas

SATO CL4NX Plus is a high-end equipment designed for companies looking for maximum efficiency and printing speed. Thanks to its robust housing, it is suitable for operation in difficult conditions. In addition, thanks to the use of a bi-fold cover, users have very easy access to replace consumables, while not worrying about the lack of space for maneuvers. You can buy additional devices for the printer, such as a cutter, a real-time clock, a feeder with a winder, as well as RFID and WLAN.

SATO CL4NX Plus is great for:

  • production, eg by improving product labeling and traceability processes.
  • retail, enabling in-store and back-office labeling to help prevent misdelivery of goods.
  • supply chain and logistics, improving the efficiency and visibility of operations, while supporting a wide range of labels.
  • automotive sector, increasing production efficiency – the printer enables e.g. processing data from documents prepared on a computer in pdf format, as well as automatically printing, cutting and sorting ID tags.

Why is so special about SATO CL4NX?

One of IBCS Poland experts, Tomasz Tomera, pointed to the high speed and precision of printing as one of the greatest advantages of the printer. Noteworthy are the larger rolls of ink ribbon and labels, thanks to which the printer can work longer, without downtime for replacing consumables. Tomasz Tomera emphasizes: The printer has many clever web guiding mechanisms that make work and everyday use much easier. In addition, the PureLine platen roller is equipped with a wear indicator, which makes it easier to control the preventive replacement of parts. The durable and functional design of the printer is also noteworthy – thanks to its solid construction and metal housing with a double-folding cover, the device is perfect for working in industrial environments.

The printer supports 47 print languages and 31 on the LCD display, and has the option to auto-detect multi-language emulation, allowing for seamless transitions from previous manufacturer printer models (and third-party printers) to this model. It connects quickly and easily to peripheral devices (keyboards, scales, bar code scanners, etc.) and offers the ability to connect via multiple interfaces including serial, parallel, LAN and USB. The printer is easy to pair with Android and iOS.

Research has confirmed that SATO CL4NX Plus (tested model is 609 dpi) is a great printer. The tests lasted a week and show that all the parameters and advantages mentioned by the manufacturer in the specification are reflected in everyday work. IBCS Poland experts, due to the specific nature of the industry, test industrial printers from various manufacturers on an ongoing basis and admit that rarely everything contained in the specification is confirmed in tests. In the case of the SATO CL4NX Plus, there is no mistake.

expert opinion


SATO CL4NX Plus printer is certainly an industrial printer worth paying attention to. The device works perfectly in various conditions, and the parameters mentioned in the manufacturer’s specification were actually confirmed in tests. It is also worth mentioning that the printer, thanks to AEP technology, can be easily and quickly integrated with PLC controllers, thanks to which the label printing process does not require customization of the device or the use of special firmware. To sum up in the words of an expert: The printer is great – it’s the best printer for precise label printing that I’ve used so far.