Regeneration of components and optimization of parameters in resistance spot welding in the automotive industry

Regeneration of components and optimization of parameters in resistance spot welding in the automotive industry

Source of information: Bosch Rexroth

Where does the service start and end? Ideally, it would be available throughout the entire lifespan of the product, and even longer. Until now, services in the field of spot resistance welding technology have been rarely presented and offered on the market. Bosch Rexroth proposes new service offerings for the PSI6000 and PRC7000 welding controllers.

Considering that companies in the automotive industry show a particular interest in two services: regeneration and optimization of welding parameters, the company addresses the market needs by providing a new service – resistance spot welding.

Services related to resistance spot welding cover both the commissioning process and the second life of products. An example could be worn-out control devices that receive a new life through regeneration. This way, users can make use of welding control systems for a long time without prolonged downtimes and predictable costs. This principle also translates into resource savings, as products or components are not discarded but renewed and reintroduced into use.

Component regeneration reduces costs by 50%

According to available data, the standard product lifecycle in the automotive industry ranges from 5 to 7 years. Subsequently, the production line is rebuilt or adapted for the production of a new model. Due to costs and efficiency, it makes sense to use the existing line for a second, and even a third, production cycle.

By offering regeneration, Bosch Rexroth provides the opportunity to continue using the welding control system by replacing worn-out parts, following the “from old to new” principle. The demand for this service is growing rapidly as awareness of the need for resource savings increases.

Specifically, the service includes the preventive replacement of all electrical and electromechanical consumable parts, such as power semiconductors, fans, and electrolytic capacitors. Those responsible for these processes can choose from various levels of regeneration offered by Bosch Rexroth. This way, they can decide how much equipment to replace. Individual choices are also possible, such as replacement for a specific error or safety function.

Application: welding control cabinets from a car manufacturer are received from all branches worldwide and prepared or modified for new projects. Comprehensive modernization is carried out in accordance with the “PÜ Smart” service. This includes cleaning, as well as replacing consumable parts in the control electronics and power electronics area. Then, specialists adjust the solution to the current equipment condition, match all data and parameters to the original values, and perform functional and durability tests. High-voltage and insulation tests are also conducted, and a new nameplate is issued. The process is completed with documentation and archiving.

The company provides a twelve-month warranty on the cabinets. The potential cost savings provided by the service compared to using new parts are about 50 percent. An additional benefit is sustainable development and a positive impact on the environment.

Bosch Rexroth also offers more extensive regeneration services, which come with a 24-month (optional 60-month) warranty.

Good welding results achieved from the beginning with proper parameters

Another service that is currently gaining considerable interest is the determination and optimization of welding parameters. This is because, with the continuous development of newer types of materials and their combinations meeting special requirements, increasing demands on the quality of spot welds and the reliability of these joints during processes must be taken into account. The market, therefore, requires a wide range of combinations of joints. Requirements are growing, and determining the basic parameters of the initial weld often becomes a challenge.

With years of experience and databases, Bosch Rexroth can create lists of initial parameters. By applying these parameters, users can achieve good welding results immediately. This service can be performed before commissioning, saving time and resources during system startup. A fixed price for the data parameters ensures customers the ability to safely develop plans and budgets.

Another challenge is the optimization of parameters used in plants, ensuring their safety for the production process and high quality.

With an installed base of over 100,000 welding controllers, the right service, and assistance in the form of special analytical tools, the company supports customers in the quick and professional optimization of systems. Services can be performed remotely or on-site. The stable process achieved in this way reduces the need for modifications and testing. In addition, the number of errors decreases, and quality increases.

These and other welding services from Bosch Rexroth are crucial to ensuring an economical and sustainable future in the field of resistance spot welding, whether it is used to extend the life of welding controllers or optimize the welding process.