NASA chose a Polish device for spark plasma sintering of powder materials

Source of information: GeniCore

GeniCore provides one of the key technologies for the development and production of high-temperature materials. Their Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) device called U-FAST will be delivered to NASA Glenn Research Center this summer. American Space Agency will use the technology to prepare high-temperature ceramic materials for coating applications. In simple terms, U-FAST is capable of producing materials of exceptional strength, fracture and high-temperature resistance. Moreover, it makes the whole process much faster, more cost-effective, and eco-friendly compared to traditional methods.

“In simple words, imagine making a pizza, we also have to bake it, but we know how to do it without heating up the entire oven. We only let the heat pass through the dough itself. Obviously, it would be faster, cheaper and eco- friendly.” – that’s how Marcin Rosiński explains how his invention works.

GeniCore is capable of providing devices that produce materials of extraordinary properties for the automotive, electronics, aviation, medical  industries, as well as the defense industry, which is crucial in the current global situation.

Although the Polish success is unprecedented, the ambitious Poles do not intend to stop there. When asked about GeniCore’s next step, Marcin Rosiński responds, “Yes, our negotiations with SpaceX are likely. U-FAST Hybrid can produce ceramic material that can be used in thermal shields that cover spacecraft as a thermal insulation for the vehicle’s structure during re-entry into the atmosphere, and these components can heat up to temperatures around 1400 °C.”