Grinding automation. Eccentric sander for automated finishes

Grinding automation. Eccentric sander for automated finishes


OnRobot has launched OnRobot Sander, a fully electric random orbit sander for automated finishes such as grinding and polishing.

Traditional automated grinding solutions often require additional equipment for implementation and maintenance. With the market launch of the grinder, manufacturers will have access to a complete ready-to-run tool in standard configuration that is easy to use in all major collaborative and light industrial robots.

The complete set of the grinder includes everything customers need to start the grinding process quickly and easily: the grinding tool starts immediately after connection, it is equipped with various grinding and polishing pads, easy-to-use programming software, the possibility of mounting a force sensor / torque and a grain changer allowing automatic switching between different grains without operator intervention.


Programming simple surface finishes on the grinder is easy with the built-in intuitive software.

However, OnRobot goes a step further by placing the “Save Position” button on the tool, thanks to which the user can manually set turning points without using the robot’s programming panel.

“OnRobot provides SMBs with affordable, practical application solutions that are easy to set up and maintain. The grinding tool provides all the features and benefits customers expect from auto grinding technology, but without the unnecessary hassle and cost of using traditional tools, “said Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO of OnRobot.

The machine can be used for flat, curved and uneven geometries and is equipped with interchangeable standard plates that can be used on a wide range of materials.

An added force / torque sensor allows the grinder to adapt to surface changes or non-alignment of parts while improving consistency and quality as well as reducing waste.

The tool can also be easily integrated with all major robot brands.


According to the manufacturer, it is a lightweight solution [1.2 kg including the platter] that combines the power of a brushless electric motor (up to 10,000 rpm) with operating costs of only 5% of the operating costs of pneumatic grinding systems. Traditional grinding machines use external compressors and are therefore very expensive and prone to leakage. Meanwhile, the brushless motor in the unit is durable and reliable, offering a service life equal to or greater than that of competing air systems.


The sanding process often involves unsafe contamination work which poses potential health hazards to workers, ranging from debilitating vibration assembly induced by high-vibration handheld devices to particle-induced lung injuries.

The machine eliminates these hazards and uses clean 3M sanding pads that allow more dust to be removed, thus providing a safer environment for workers compared to competing systems.