The All-Electric ZEEKR X Urban Compact Luxury SUV

The All-Electric ZEEKR X Urban Compact Luxury SUV


Created for adventures in the city and beyond, the ZEEKR X has a stunningly pure, perfectly executed design, and within its compact dimensions is a spacious, luxurious interior offering technologies and features usually found in larger vehicles, such an augmented reality head-up display, a super-fast, 5G infotainment system, and massage seats trimmed in sustainable PU fabrics.

It will have the capabilities to park itself [1], enabling you to fit into the tightest spaces, and when you just want to drive, the dual-motor, all-wheel drive Privilege model’s 315kW (428hp) and 543Nm of instant, electrifying torque enable it to accelerate from 0-100km/h in an incredible 3.8 seconds.

All ZEEKR X models have a 69kWh lithium-ion battery, which can deliver up to 445km of range (WLTP)[2] in the single motor, rear-wheel drive Long Range Model. (ZEEKR X: Combined power consumption in kWh/100km: 16.5-17.5, Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 0). Complementing the 150kW DC charging, which can replenish the battery from 0-80 percent in less than 30 minutes [3], the standard 22kW AC on-board charger can fully charge the battery from empty in only four hours [3].


The all-new ZEEKR X is a compact luxury SUV created for urban lifestyles and the megacities of today – it is the perfect companion for adventurers seeking new challenges and new environments to explore.

Measuring 4,432mm long, 1,566mm high and with a 2,750mm wheelbase, complete with short front and rear overhangs, the ZEEKR X is perfectly sized for busy city streets, where its head-turning looks are sure to attract attention.

The allure of its design is also determined by what you don’t see. The doors use a frameless design, elegant in their simplicity. To further enhance their clean, sophisticated aesthetic, the window sealing strips are concealed, delivering an almost seamless transition between sheet metal and glass. The door mirrors are also frameless, resulting in a smaller frontal area, which – together with the deployable door handles – helps to reduce wind resistance, contributing to the ZEEKR X’s low drag coefficient of just 0.28 Cd, which enhances both range and refinement.

Belying its compact exterior dimensions, the beautifully crafted interior offers incredible space in the front and the back, fully leveraging the packaging benefits offered by the all-electric powertrain and the long wheelbase of the SEA platform. Luxuries such as massage seats, offered on the Privilege model, and a 13-speaker Yamaha surround sound audio system, add to the sense of wellbeing and tranquility.

As a forward-thinking, progressive, all-electric brand, ZEEKR has chosen to make the interior Vegan-only, and instead of traditional leather, the seats are trimmed in luxurious and more sustainable soft-feel PU fabric, complete with perforations in the facings for additional comfort.

zeekrx inside


The ZEEKR X’s intelligent, 5G-enabled digital cockpit offers cutting-edge technology, a wealth of connected features, and intuitive controls to offer a truly immersive user experience, all designed to make every journey more enjoyable and more convenient. At its core is a Qualcomm 8155 chip, which offers all the processing power needed to offer super-fast responses and exceptional functionality, while over-the-air software updates ensure that the system is always up-to-date and will improve over time as new features become available.

The 8.8-inch HD instrument cluster and ‘floating’ 14.6-inch HD touchscreen offer super-sharp images and are matched to a 24.3-inch augmented reality head-up display (AR-HUD) – a feature usually found only on more expensive vehicles from the segments above. Standard on all models, the AR-HUD can project graphics onto the windscreen which overlay objects in the view ahead: this can enhance navigation instructions or ADAS system warnings, for example, to better support the driver and enhance safety.

The infotainment system also benefits from the ZEEKR Voice Assistant. Using natural voice commands, this intelligent, AI-powered technology enables effortless control of numerous vehicle features, such as navigation, climate, and media playback – enabling the driver to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. In addition, drivers can also use gesture control to change tracks from the 13-speaker Yamaha surround sound audio system, for example.

When the vehicle is parked, a number of predefined convenience modes are available: in Theater Mode, for example, the seats automatically adjust into the ideal position for enjoying music, while in Pet Mode, the climate control system maintains the cabin at an optimal temperature, and the touchscreen displays a message to inform and reassure passers by the pets locked inside are comfortable and safe.

Peace of mind is also offered by the Life Detection system, which is designed to protect children or pets left behind inside the locked by mistake. Should this happen, the system will alert the driver by displaying a warning in the display screen in the B-pillar.

A security feature known as Sentinel Mode is also offered: when the ZEEKR X is parked and locked, it will create a video of the area around the vehicle if suspicious activity is detected. Only the driver can access the recordings, which are stored on a dedicated USB device.


The ZEEKR X uses the brand’s own, state-of-the-art electric motor and battery technology to deliver an ideal balance of long range, high efficiency, and excellent performance.

The 69kWh Lithium-ion battery, neatly packaged beneath the floor to enhance interior space and lower the vehicle’s center of gravity, aiding its dynamic handling and ability, uses NMC cells supplied by CATL for optimum energy density and durability. Benefitting from an eight-year/ 200,000 km warranty, the battery will – at end-of-life – be recycled in line with EU directives.

An efficiency-enhancing technology is the standard heat pump integrated into the climate control system. By scavenging energy from the outside air and using this to warm the cabin instead of relying solely on the electric heater, the amount of energy drawn from the battery is reduced, helping to significantly increase real-world range in winter.

Using the standard powerful 22kW AC on-board charger, a full charge takes approximately four hours [3], making home charging fast and convenient. Through the menu in the touchscreen, you can also select charging start and stop times to match your travel plans or your EV energy tariff.

When the time comes to use public charging stations, the ZEEKR X’s 150kW DC charging capability can replenish the battery from 0-80 per cent in less than 30 minutes [3]. Before you reach a charging station set as a destination in the navigation system, the battery will automatically be pre-heated to the optimal temperature needed for fast charging speeds.

ZEEKR partners with Plugsurfing to provide its European customers with a tailor-made public EV charging service, ZEEKR Charge. With this service, the ZEEKR X drivers have access to over 550,000 charge points in 27 European countries, can find chargers that best suit their needs, and instantly pay for their charging, regardless of who owns and operates these charge points.


The ZEEKR X is also equipped with seven airbags. The front airbags extend around to the sides of the occupants, providing greater all-round protection for the head, while the side airbags extend to the A-pillar, their shape carefully designed to help prevent gaps being left. These airbags also maintain their pressure for six seconds after inflation, effectively reducing the risk of further injury from secondary impacts.

Complementing this impressive level of passive safety, a suite of 19 advanced driver assistance systems is available on the ZEEKR X, including Adaptive Cruise Control, Highway Assist, Front and Rear Collision Mitigation Support, Lane Keep Assist, Evasive Maneuver Assist, Front and Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Door Open Warning.

[1] The driver is still responsible and must remain in control at all times
[2] Range according to the WLTP drive cycle under controlled conditions. Real-world range may vary, dependent on vehicle and battery condition, actual route, environmental conditions, driving style, load, wheel and tire specification, and optional equipment and accessories fitted
[3] Charging times will vary according to factors including the charging equipment, ambient temperature, battery temperature, battery state of charge, and age and condition of the battery and the vehicle