Sunreef Yachts: luxury catamarans from Gdansk

Sunreef Yachts: luxury catamarans from Gdansk


Probably each of us sometimes dreams of a bit of luxury. For some, it may be a trip to an elegant restaurant, a holiday in the tropics, for others, for example, a bar of their favorite chocolate and peace of mind. The latter often cannot be bought on any market and for any money. However, if we have the appropriate funds, we can spend them on a symbol of luxury and wealth, which is our own yacht, where peace will certainly be easier. One of the most valued yachts in the world are made in Gdańsk and are manufactured by Sunreef Yachts.

A world leader based in Poland
Sunreef Yachts is a world leader in the design and construction of sailing, motor and custom made superyachts from 18 to over 60 meters in length. These unique yachts – thought out in every respect: both in terms of utility, as well as style and safety – are designed especially for customers looking for luxury and space. Innovative design, great sailing performance, low fuel consumption and intelligently designed living space are certainly the greatest advantages of Sunreef yachts.

Behind the success and dynamic development of the prestigious Sunreef Yachts brand is its founder and president, Francis Lapp. It all started in France, but quickly moved to Poland after Lapp – who is passionate about rallies – visited Warsaw at the invitation of the Automobile Club. Thanks to this, he began to discover Poland and its development potential in the 1990s. Just two weeks later, Francis Lapp already moved to Poland, where he moved his business, opening the company HTEP Polska sp.z o.o.

The businessman was recommended to invest in the construction of yachts by his friend. He also persuaded him to open a shipyard in Gdańsk. In 2002, the first production hall was leased in the former Gdańsk shipyard and preparatory work for the construction of the first unit – Sunreef 74 (22.5 m long) was started. The yacht took 11 months to build. This is half the time offered by other Western European shipyards. Sunreef 74 left the shipyard in September 2003. The luxurious and modern yacht became the company’s showpiece and represented the Polish yacht industry at many international nautical fairs (Cannes, Monaco, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach).

Fot. Sunreef Yachts

Fot. Sunreef Yachts

Wide offer
Today, the shipyard has more than 60 sailing and motor yachts in its portfolio, and the elegant silhouettes of Sunreef catamarans can be found in every body of water in the world. Currently, Sunreef Yachts is the undisputed leader in the design and production of luxury catamarans, and the annual production continues to grow steadily. The same goes for the range of yachts. Two new units are introduced to it every year.

In the breakthrough year 2010, the shipyard launched two superyachts over 30 m in length: Ipharra and CHE, which changed the world of superyachts forever and proved that the catamaran is an interesting alternative to the traditional mega-yacht. In 2011, the shipyard introduced two more large projects: a motor project for over EUR 2 million and a sailing project for almost EUR 1 million. The first one can cross the Atlantic on one fuel tank, the second one is finished with exotic wenge wood.

70 Sunreef Power Damrak II tempts rich customers with a cocktail bar, jacuzzi and walnut cabins. “Why do you buy such a yacht? For pleasure!” – confesses Olivier Chatelain from France, who spent 2 million euro on a wonderful Polish product.

World awards
In 2014, the company achieved another great success. Comfortable catamaran Sunreef 156 Ultimate, designed and built at the Sunreef Yachts shipyard in Gdańsk, was recognized as the best sailing yacht of 2014 in the Chinese edition of the “Robb Report” magazine. The catamaran awarded in China is 47.5 m long, and the total area of rooms and decks is as much as 841 m2. The yacht’s crew consists of eight people. 12 places in cabins with sanitary facilities are allocated for the shipowner and passengers. In a spacious living room with an area of
255 m2 includes a dining room with 12 seats at the table and a leisure segment with a bar.

2015 is marked primarily by the maiden voyage of the Sunreef 74 WildBerry. The WildBerry, the first model of the Sunreef 74 sailing catamaran line, left the shipyard in February and, after a series of sea trials and technical inspections, set off with the crew on its first Atlantic voyage. The unit is characterized by a spacious interior (a total of 240 m2 of usable space, including: a fully open living room with a panoramic view of 35 m2, owner suite, exclusive guest cabins, kitchen and crew cabins), truncated hulls, low sides and fully an automated sail system that allows the boat to be maneuvered by just two people.

“The crew’s report shows that while traveling 6,000 nautical miles the WildBerry behaved perfectly in all weather conditions. The Code 0 sail, with an area of 210 m2, and the Spinnaker with an area of 470 m2, allowed for long sailing without the support of engines, says Adrien Jousset, the ship architect responsible for the construction of the Sunreef 74.

WildBerry has been nominated for the International Yacht and Aviation Awards in the category “Sailing yacht up to 30 meters”. The competition is organized by the Design et al magazine, a leading design and architecture periodical. The aim of Design et al is to inspire young talents, present the latest trends and possibilities in designing diverse spaces. The list of nominees for the award includes the most prestigious brands from the yachting and aviation sectors.

On a charter cruise?
Sunreef Yachts offer is enriched with charter. Renting a yacht for a week is possible for as little as 30,000. hole. Sunreef Yachts Charter is a leader on the charter market, and the company’s experts, having access to an exceptionally wide range of motor yachts and catamarans, will easily select the perfect yacht, crew and destination for all customers.

Passengers of a luxury charter yacht can count on the greatest comfort during the entire voyage. It is known that limits, taxes and various fees change depending on the place of registration of the yacht, the country in which it was built, the client’s nationality and destination. Sunreef Yachts Charter is a company perfectly familiar with the law, rules and all regulations regarding charter and its destination, so customers can be calm and focus only on rest.