Green Dream Boats – A green dream that has come true
Fot. Green Dream Boats

Green Dream Boats – A green dream that has come true


Each of us has its dreams. These small, concerning everyday life and those larger – to give the direction of an unspecified future. Dreams most often remain only dreams if there is a clear vision and stubbornness needed to implement them. However, Bartłomiej Zientek and Mirosław Skwarek had sufficiently when they decided to create a fully ecological boat. Their Green Dream became a reality. Today, ecological boats have already delighted the world, and the company plans to continue revolution on the marinistic market, preparing a unique project – fully ecological houseboat.

Green Dream Boats is a dynamically growing Tri-City shipyard, founded by people with dreams – Bartłomiej Zientka and Mirosława Skwarka. It was established on the basis of a fascination with modern technologies, interest in the possibilities of using ecological solutions on the marinistic market and, of course, from love for yachts. Experiences and knowledge in the field of engineering, design and renewable energy allowed to create a product that combines extraordinary design, while being a natural environmentally-friendly. Green Dream Boats boats are already swimming on lakes, seas and oceans around the world, attracting an extraordinary styling, coming to mind luxury yachts and delighting technological solutions.

The boat, thanks to which Green Dream Boats became known in the world is called Tesla-21. Her preliminary project created a few years ago Bartosz Puchowski – engineer, enthusiast of new technologies and, among others the first place at the World Championships in the Solar Boat Racing 2014. Thanks to cooperation with the founders of the company, a product which combines all the most important strength of the solar racing boat so As a special hull shape, effective energy management and the use of light and modern materials, along with the advantages of a recreational boat – amenities, a lot of space and ease of lead.

The idea for creating such a product took from the desire to create a boat that would combine the latest technological possibilities, while at the same time a friendly environment. It was supposed to be a boat easy to use (so that everyone can lead her) and was able to swim practicably after every waters, including a zone of silence in national parks or nature reserves. Such a specified vision allowed for the implementation of the boat, which today we know today under the name Tesla-21. It has two energy sources. The first marinistic gel batteries with a lot of performance and the other are photovoltanial panels that can provide up to 1000 watt of energy. In TESHI-21, a 2kW electrical motor is mounted (also available in the 4kW option), among others, to which boat has zero noise and exhaust emissions, which at a crusting speed of 10 km/h allows you to swim practicably without restrictions. The boat is able to swim on cloudy days and up to 8 hours after dusk. For customers who prefer night trips, special LED lighting of the cockpit does not charge a large amount of electricity. In addition, each tesla-21 is equipped with an electrically folding visor that allows you to lower it when swimming to any height, so that you can flow without any problem under smaller bridges, but also completely close and secure the boat during transport or in the marina.

Today, Green Dream Boats boats can be found, among others in Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Croatia or Dubai. Due to the great interest in the company’s boats, production takes place in two locations – in Rumia and in Gdańsk.

In the company’s portfolio there are other models of ecological boats, among others Tesla-22 Sport, Tesla 32 or now the flagship model – 21th alloy boat Solliner, located on their deck to 10 people crew. However, not everything that the company surprises the marina market, because soon the next unique project for a fully eco-friendly house on the water under the name Solliner46 will come into force.

Fot. Green Dream Boats

Fot. Green Dream Boats

This will be the only such boat in the world. Most likely, there is currently no other such interesting house on water powered by electric motors, and not in combination with solar panels. The houseboo of GREEN DREAM Boats will be driven by two 10KW electrical motors each. However, these engines will be powered by a 3kW solar panels that will cover an area of approx. 30m2. The dimensions of Solliner46 are 39 m2 of usable space (and therefore the size of the average size of the flat), 14 m in length and 4.8 m wide. Weighing about 14 tons, and at least 4 people are comfortably reside in it. All utility devices on board such as a refrigerator and kettle will be powered from a separate unit loaded with solar panels. This fully eco-friendly house on the water is an ideal alternative to an apartment in countries where it is more and more about the place to put houses. Gdańsk Housboats can move freely on the channels of European streets, without exhaust emissions, and they are cheaper several times than a flat with the same dimensions. These are the advantages of which you can not go indifferently. The project will most likely see the daylight this year, but it depends on the processing power, which in a situation of so much interest in Green House Boats products are already very limited. Which of course enjoy the company’s owners.

Marina’s market is just beginning to see the advantages of using electric motors. There is still a lack of both technology and efficient engines and accumulators that will allow the user to give the user with the same achievements as a fast combustion boat, but with durability and reliability of boats in the ECO version. Green Dream Boats is a company that constantly expands horizons in this area and sets trends for future competition. The company constantly increases employment, plans to open a larger shipyard, which will allow for the production of at least 250 – 300 units per year, and this in turn further increases the demand for qualified specialists from various fields (especially when the dynamic development of the project and R & D department). Polishness of products is emphasized at every step (and it happens that the design of the boat is even with the Italian production – as the owners treat as a distinction), and this is in clients convincing that production in our country guarantees solid quality products.

Green Dream Boats is an example of a company that shows that even the most courageous dreams have a chance in a collision with a conservative market. We managed to create boats that prove that a boat connection is possible with a unique design with ecological electric drive, powered solar power. You can even say that in a way we managed to create a sunny Perpetum Mobile. Soon, the company will again pay attention to the new design of the ecological home on the water. This is the nearby future, but today we are witnessing how much a simple dream made on the market that managed to achieve.