DryDoQ Insights accurately predicts the condition of a submerged part of a ship’s hull

DryDoQ Insights accurately predicts the condition of a submerged part of a ship’s hull


Ship owners and users can now better control their dry dock costs by using an innovative digital tool developed by AkzoNobel.

DryDoQ Insights precisely predicts the condition of the submerged part of the ship’s hull without the need to conduct a visual inspection. Thanks to data analysis, it has the unique ability to create a complete picture of corrosion and fouling on the hull surface, which helps to streamline maintenance planning and increase their efficiency.

This technology was implemented as the so-called minimum viable product (initial utility version enabling normal use by customers, and at the same time constituting the basis for further development works), which was intended for testing by one of the world’s largest shipowners. The information obtained will enable the further development and improvement of the tool. The system is also available on the larger market.

DryDoQ Insights enables shipowners to make better decisions about the need to dock ships, and thus helps them control maintenance costs more effectively.

The new tool prepares forecasts based on its own company data, enriched with data from various external sources. Indicates places that require special attention, taking into account the type of ship, the way it has been used and the history of previous dockings.

AkzoNobel’s Marine and Protective Coatings division is a leader in the field of big data analytics in the marine industry with over 40 years of experience. A range of digital tools have been developed for customers, including Intertrac Vision, to predict the impact of various painting scenarios on the ship’s hull parameters.