Objects movement simulation with a volumetric display

Objects movement simulation with a volumetric display

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The continuous development of lasers, optics and electronics has led to the emergence of volumetric displays, allowing multiple viewers to view the image from different perspectives simultaneously without the need to use special gadgets.

The size of the global volumetric display market is predicted to reach $ 650.3 million by 2026, from $ 192.4 million in 2019, with a CAGR of 18.9% in 2021-2026. The market for these devices is now in its infancy, allowing existing players to strengthen their presence in the market while providing an opportunity for new entrants to enter this market.

Due to a variety of visual effects, volumetric displays have a much better resolution, give a better viewing experience and a 3D real-time experience. They help with quick security checks, for example at airports, and also provide better imaging during medical surgeries. They create a unique, hyper-realistic experience when visualizing medical images during surgery. Additionally, such a display creates a 3D image which helps clinicians to view part of the anatomy from any angle with zoom functions. The medical market currently has the largest share of the volumetric display market and will certainly grow strongly.

Development of advanced technology in military simulations and training applications will further increase interest among industrial customers. After all, you can “realistically” demonstrate, for example, the movement of water or the movement of a shadow without staring at the monitor screen. All types of simulations using such displays will be the future of the design industry.

Industry sectors such as medical, space, aviation, defense (e.g. battlefield monitoring), automotive, and even the mining and oil and gas sectors will surely benefit from this.

Of course, the non-industrial segment of media and entertainment cannot be ignored here. In recent years, the demand for an enhanced gaming experience has gained immense popularity among enthusiasts all over the world. Volumetric displays provide a 360 ° view of 3D games without any additional device on the player’s body. Moreover, key market players such as Voxon Photonics are intensely focusing on introducing innovative 3D gaming displays in several countries. Accordingly, increasing consumer demand and massive investment by major market players in the manufacturing sector are expected to contribute to market growth.

With the appearing of 5G on the market, the use of devices in the media, communications and entertainment industries will increase significantly. The pandemic additionally accelerated this development by creating a demand for a product for video calls and virtual meetings.