Sewio RTLS Studio 3.0: Rapidly Shortening RTLS Project Deployments

Sewio RTLS Studio 3.0: Rapidly Shortening RTLS Project Deployments

Source of information: Sewio
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Sewio, a UWB-based real-time location system (RTLS) vendor, announced the release of RTLS Studio version 3.0, which rapidly shortens RTLS project deployments, increases the overall performance of the system and enhances its usability.

Its native support of distance-measuring tools such as laser measuring devices or total stations makes RTLS project deployments much easier and faster. As a result, clients can now quickly and precisely measure their anchors’ positions using the measuring device and easily export this measurement data via a standard DXF file. The DXF file is then imported into RTLS Studio, creating the system layout with a single click.

As RTLS Studio 3.0 now supports the latest stable version of Ubuntu, 20.04., customers can benefit from this open-source operating system’s enhanced security and performance. At the same time, all other underlying frameworks, including PHP and MySQL, have been updated to their latest versions, resulting in improved performance, stability and security.

Version 3.0 also has user experience improvements, such as more specific iconography for the system layout and direct access to myRTLS Care from inside RTLS Studio. This new set of proactive software enhancements and services helps customers avoid interruptions and minimizes downtime. With the click of a button, clients can view comprehensive system diagnostics and set crucial real-time alerts.

“We understand that for our partners and customers, time is money,” said Lubomir Mraz, CTO at Sewio. “Therefore, it’s important for us to discover new ways to shave crucial time off RTLS deployments and allow users and partners to gain actionable insight into the system. We are proud to announce that the features in 3.0 represent a big leap forward to doing just that.”