Magnetic grippers for robotic applications

Magnetic grippers for robotic applications

Source of information: Schunk
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Minimal interfering contour, short cycle times, and high energy efficiency – SCHUNK magnetic grippers offer a vast array of advantages. They handle ferromagnetic parts reliably over the long term and leave no traces. Two new variants now provide even more design freedom for robotic applications.

Not everyone knows about them: the electropermanent EMH magnetic grippers from SCHUNK. They combine the strengths of magnetic technology with the advantages of 24 V technology. As the electronic system is completely installed in the gripper and is actuated extremely easily via digital I/O, the components require neither space in the control cabinet nor an external electronic open loop control system. This saves costs and minimizes the wiring and commissioning effort. For years now, these grippers have been used in the automotive industry, aerospace technology, and the machine tool sector, among others. They are reliable partners for gripping ferromagnetic components and small parts.

SCHUNK is now complementing its magnetic gripper portfolio with new variants: The double-pole EMH-DP and the four-pole EMH-MP are being added to the existing product family, the single-pole EMH-RP. They are all space-saving and cost-efficient – but each variant also has its own special strengths. The single-pole EMH-RP grips flat and round parts with equal reliability and repeatability. Featuring a pole quartet, the EMH-MP is the tool of choice for handling sheet material, among other things. Its digital four-stage gripping force control allows even very thin steel sheets to be separated. The double-pole EMH-DP really demonstrates its strengths in bin picking, which involves the gripping of jumbled parts. Its sides are magnetic too. Therefore, it can also grip small components that are tightly sandwiched between the gripper and the chute wall. The range of parts can be further expanded via standard pole extensions. Since magnetic gripping is generally performed from above, users always benefit from the minimal interfering contour of the grippers. This is particularly attractive in the field of e-mobility. There, for example, battery cells often must be placed close together to fill battery packs or trays.

Available in different sizes, the EMH grippers cover an enormous range of workpiece weights – from 3.5 kg up to 175 kg. The workpiece is always held absolutely safe. This is ensured by the grippers’ mode of operation, which is based on a combination of electric and permanent magnets and reliably maintains the magnetic flux even when deactivated. A short electrical current pulse is only required to activate and deactivate the system, meaning that the gripping force is not affected even in the event of a power failure.

At a time when companies are paying more and more attention to their energy footprint, the magnetic grippers are also a real plus in terms of efficiency: they are powered by economical 24 V electronics that are installed directly in the gripper, and are easy to connect. These electronics also report the magnetization status back to the user and indicate via an LED display whether a workpiece is present. At the SCHUNK CoLab robot application center, interested parties can have their application validated by experienced engineers.