Thunder Child: a brilliant boat designed by Frank Kowalski
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Thunder Child: a brilliant boat designed by Frank Kowalski


Safehaven Marine is comprised of creators from design to building FRP pilot boats, patrol boats, crew transport vessels, hydrographic survey catamarans, and naval vessels.

The founder and managing director of the company is Frank Kowalski, for many years associated with various areas of the maritime industry, formally a commercial captain operating in the home port of Cork, Ireland. He has been responsible for the ship design and architecture of all of his ships for the past 17 years.

The Thunder Child XSV-17 is a masterpiece of marine engineering. As you see the ship fly through the water, you’ll immediately hear the Miami Vice introductory music in your head.

The boat is traveling at over 40 knots but can take a maximum of 60 when time is of the essence. It is ideally suited to missions such as patrol and pursuit, and can be armed with a 7.62mm cannon or a 40mm grenade launcher in an extendable bow turret. Additionally, radars, electro-optical and communication sets.

It can also function as a special operation support ship for low-intensity military and reconnaissance missions.

The boat is 59 feet long and just over 13 feet wide. Thunder Child is equipped with fuel tanks giving the boat a long range capability of 750 miles (approx. 1,389 km) powered by its twin 1000hp Caterpillar C12.9 turbocharged diesel engines.