Aluship Technology Diversify the marine industry

Aluship Technology Diversify the marine industry


Polish maritime economy after years of downtime develops very well. Shipyards have their hands full and increase employment. On the development of the maritime industry, private companies of the ship and refurbishment industry, which filled the gap and found their niche on the market.


The activity of private entrepreneurs focuses on the production of yachts, megajes, catamarans, offshore industry, renovation, creating aluminum and shipbuilding and steel structures for the extractive industries and wind farms. Quality and effects of Polish companies do not deviate from world standards. For this success, there are lower production costs and qualified professionals who once exempt from the falling shipyard plants – they found employment in small private companies.

One of these companies is Aluship Technology from Gdansk. At the beginning of their activity, she dealt with the construction of yachts and catamars and the production of superstructures to passenger ships. Today, he gains a leading position in Europe as a supplier of aluminum profiles and a producer of advanced stainless steel steel constructions for both the marine industry and offshore and land construction at all equipping stages.

About the possibilities of the Polish maritime market and ways to protect against a possible decline in the economic situation, we talk with Goetz Linzenmierem, an entrepreneur from Germany and the owner of ALUSHIP Technology from Gdańsk.

What benefits do you have that the company works in Poland?
We have experienced here in most a positive approach to our company, both from the side of employees and officials or urban authorities. Undoubtedly, the impact of many new jobs is influenced by this, we are also a reliable tax payer. Poland is currently a leading resort in Europe when it comes to the maritime industry. It’s an ideal place to find people talented in maritime engineering, highly qualified and talented employees. At the same time, the level of labor costs is still slightly lower here than in Western Europe.

Does this provide an advantage over companies from other countries?
Hard to say. On the one hand, Poland is located near European business centers, but still not close enough. On the other hand, offering relatively competitive prices is an interesting proposition for Western clients.

It is still for you, and yet you constitute competition for Western companies. What makes Aluship maintains a high position on the market?
We promote a very rare specialization in combination with high product quality. We have high work efficiency and fair prices. In order to further differentiate the assortment of production and the highest efficiency, we participate in research and development projects. We also emphasize marketing. In the future, we plan to build new halls and extend the territory to enable the provision of more sophisticated services. We want to develop and diversify our production profile.

Can the marine industry accommodate new solutions?
In many industries related to the marine and terrestrial industries there are ups and downs, therefore it is difficult to say it certainly in which direction it will develop. The worst scenario for the Maritime Enterprise is when problems concern various industries simultaneously. Therefore, we expand our production to always have the advantage of popular products.

ALUSHIP has already become a company that produces not only aluminum, but also stainless steel and steel alloys

When will it happen?
This is happening, because Aluship has already become a company that produces not only aluminum, but also stainless steel and steel alloys. This does not mean that we give up the peeled direction, on the contrary – we emphasize the maintenance of good relationships with existing clients and the market.

Why do the company now work?
We are currently conducting various projects related to the maritime industry, including Aluminum superstructures for megajes, decks and aluminum superstructures for cruise passenger ships, modules of mixable drilling platforms, high-strength steel block or e-house – a great container fully equipped with electrical mechanisms and systems for industry on sea and land.


Who make these orders?
Most often they are companies with a leading position on the markets with the highest demand in the supply chain. Without the shadow of modesty, I can admit that customers value us with high quality and timely deliveries.

What else is important when choosing a producer of aluminum ship structures?
A few factors are worth taking into account. It is good to know the project at the preliminary stage of its preparation for implementation and learn how individual production stages look like. Typically, the issue that determines the execution order is the lowest weight of the structure. It reduces the center of gravity and provides a lower cost of maintenance.