How to manage fasteners in production? SmartBin Cloud system in the Scanfil Mysłowice factory


A 2-fold increase in inventory turnover and a 50% reduction in capital employed are just some of the benefits of using the SmartBin Cloud logistics system at the Scanfil factory in Mysłowice. The solution provided by Bossard has helped to streamline internal logistics and optimise the fastener supply chain management.


The Scanfil Group is a contract manufacturer and supplier of systems for the most demanding customers in the electronics industry. Operating on the market for more than 40 years, it has 9 factories in 7 countries around the world, two of which are located in Poland: in Sieradz and Mysłowice.

Scanfil Poland Mysłowice manufactures equipment based on metal enclosures and integrated systems for customers from various industries. The company’s flagship products include parcel pickup stations, industrial washing machines, medical instrumentation, air purifiers and systems for the segregation and disposal of returnable packaging.

Importance of continuous production flow and predictability

At the Mysłowice factory, production is not seasonal, but continuous. Its uninterrupted flow and predictability are therefore crucial. Assembly constitutes a significant part of the production process. The company’s strategic partner in this field is Bossard Poland that offers products and services within industrial fasteners.

At the factory in Mysłowice, Bossard is responsible for the supply and logistics of nearly half of the fasteners used in production. These are managed using the SmartBin Cloud system, Bossard’s flagship logistics solution.

Bossard logistics system

How does the SmartBin Cloud system work?

SmartBin Cloud is a modern automated version of the kanban system for handling fasteners and other C parts in production. It is based on wireless technology and data cloud, so that data transfer takes place in real time.

Fasteners are grouped into several racks, so-called Side Markets, dedicated to specific areas of production. Each rack is equipped with dozens of containers with fasteners used on given lines or assembly stations.

Weight sensors in the containers monitor stock levels. When the critical minimum is reached, a signal is automatically sent to the system, which then generates demand lists and incorporates them into orders. Bossard fulfils the orders in real time, delivering the goods and replenishing the stocks.

Access to the database and system parameters is ensured by the ARIMS Analytics platform, which is integrated with the factory’s ERP system. It allows real-time production data processing and access from the production level or remotely. Component handling is facilitated by the ARIMS Mobile app, which can be installed on a tablet or smartphone.

Improved material flow and internal logistics

The solutions implemented at the factory have made it possible to improve the entire fastener supply chain management process significantly.

“Thanks to the Bossard logistics system, data on available stocks is processed in real time and is always in line with the actual figures,” says Sebastian Hałaczkiewicz, Supply Chain Manager at Scanfil Poland Sp. z o.o. – “This allows us to react more quickly to sudden peaks in demand and ensures full control over the stock levels. On the other hand, placing racks in close proximity to production lines means more efficient internal logistics. This saves the time that previously was needed to fulfil orders from a distant central warehouse.

Increasing inventory turnover and supply frequency has contributed to a reduction of up to 50% in terms of capital employed in fastener handling. In turn, the automation of nearly half of the orders allows a significant reduction in the resource load for the Procurement Department.

Benefits of the SmartBin Cloud system at the Scanfil Mysłowice factory

  • 2-fold increase in inventory turnover;
  • 50% reduction in capital employed;
  • Elimination of micro-downtimes in production;
  • Improved internal logistics;
  • Automation of the procurement process.