Mondi Talks workshop on the most important challenges of the eCommerce sector

Mondi Talks workshop on the most important challenges of the eCommerce sector


The economic reality changes at a previously unseen rate. The economic and geopolitical reality, consequences of the pandemic, a transformation of consumer awareness, and the technological progress continuously give raise to new trends. Some of them disappear as fast as they appeared, while other remain with us for longer and shape the future. Which trends are crucial? How can threats be transformed in opportunities in business? And how to identify them?

These questions were the main axis of correlation workshops Mondi Talks, organised by Mondi, the manufacturer of corrugated packaging. Practitioners – representatives of omnichannel shops, sales platforms and logistic companies, participated in the event that was held in Warsaw on 12 October.

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“In our opinion, today the market success depends on a thorough analysis of challenges and use of opportunities offered by new conditions. The reality changes increasingly faster and in more rapid way, faster than our knowledge. So we must look for ways to update it in an agile way”, says Andrzej Archacki, the head of the Polish part of the Mondi Corrugated Packaging Division. “Starting with that assumption, we created a proprietary format of workshops, Mondi Talks. We conduct them in a group of practitioners, in a spirit of co-creation, using tools of the design thinking methodology. During meetings, we review various perspectives of business practitioners, structure our knowledge and search for new concepts responding to business challenges. We would like to invite to the discussion leaders of companies and organisations whose ambition is a deeper understanding of their market environment and shaping of the future of business.”

Why co-creation?

Co-creation assumes a direct exchange of experiences, leading to development of new solutions advantageous to parties to the discussion – representatives of the sector, current and potential customers, suppliers, distributors, and industrial experts. By confronting information from different market participants, a comprehensive picture of changes occurring in it can be created. However, it is not the exchange of information that is important here, but a dialogue and a discussion facilitating opening to new ideas.

cocreation workshop

Advantages of using co-creation:

  • obtaining more reliable, extended information than in the case of time-consuming and expensive marketing research;
  • establishing direct relations with other market participants;
  • shifting the attention from problems and attempts to eliminate them to a constructive look forward.

Customer insights and knowledge about the customer developed during joined workshops translate into mutual advantages. On one hand, ideas and directions for solutions prepared during workshops give a real advantage to participants in these meetings and are an authentic inspiration. On the other hand, a practical nature of these experiences assists Mondi in shaping the image of the company that gets involved in challenges facing customers, can create a space for sharing experiences, and approaches creating values for its customers in an interesting, engaging, and dynamic way.

“In Mondi we are somehow privileged, working with the greatest players in the market – we can gather cross-cutting information. This way, we can share this knowledge, and provide advice and support on this basis. We searched for an inspirational, fresh, and valuable formula – we think that co-creation workshops are a good direction – and offer real benefits to their participants. There is plenty of energy and commitment in them”, explains Andrzej Archacki.

Workshop “Challenges of eCommerce”

During the Mondi Talks workshops, participants decided which of 26 identified weak signals and trends would have the greatest influence on the eCommerce market in the coming years. The discussion focused, among others, on issues related to environmental protection and sustainable development, transformations in the labour market, evolution of logistic services, and automation and digitalisation of production processes. We established the said trends and signals in extended interviews with representatives of the important players in the eCommerce market, asking representatives of stores and logistics, counsellors, and trend forecasters about their challenges, problems, and changes that are about to come in their opinion.

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Afterwards, participants evaluated identified signals and trends and supplemented them with other subjects to determine which of them could represent opportunities and threats to operations of eCommerce entities. Together, they searched for an answer to the following questions:

  • How can we achieve a competitive advantage despite shortages?
  • Should we invest in development or search for savings?
  • Which problems are crucial for individual sectors?
  • How can you make your business resistant to constant changes?
  • How should we set new priorities for business activities?

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“We organise Mondi Talks workshops to help the business to prepare today for challenges of the future. We are a part of this sector and believe that sharing current knowledge, observations, diagnoses, and forecasts concerning the most important changes in the eCommerce market help to succeed in the dynamically changing conditions’, says the head of Mondi Corrugated Packaging in Poland.

Mondi invites you to an extensive discussion on the future of packaging. It covers a series of events and publications, including online webinars and co-creation workshops, at which participants try to find an answer to questions concerning changes occurring in all segments of the market.

If you want to keep your finger on a pulse of trends shaping the packaging market, read opinions of experts in this sector and learn how to prepare for approaching changes, visit the following website:

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Signals and trends map:

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