Sewio RTLS Studio 3.1: Paving the Way to Interoperability

Source of information: Sewio
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Sewio, a UWB-based real-time location system (RTLS) vendor, announced the release of RTLS Studio version 3.1, which introduces Trackables, a feature that paves the way to an interoperable, scalable and affordable location market.

Trackables enable the virtualization of tags, providing a faster, easier and more efficient method for mirroring real-world shop floor operations. This feature is in line with Omlox, the world’s first open locating standard, and its efforts to develop a unified and interoperable approach to location-based services.

Trackables simplify location data by condensing millions of data points into a manageable dataset, unlocking new ways to work with location information. RTLS 3.1’s API also enables tracking the sequence of assets across virtual production zones, allowing real-time alerts for production managers when deviations in the production or logistic process occur.

Sewio RTLS Version 3.1 also brings a significant performance enhancement by introducing parallel computing and other algorithm updates, reducing single-thread processor load by an impressive 65%. This boost empowers clients to scale their RTLS deployments effortlessly, expanding areal coverage and tracking more objects without investing in additional server hardware. Consequently, the return on investment (ROI) for new installations is amplified by decreasing the associated server hardware costs, making it an even more attractive solution for businesses.

“We are proud to announce the release of RTLS Studio version 3.1, a groundbreaking step towards an interoperable, scalable and affordable location market,” said Milan Šimek, CEO of Sewio. “The enhanced performance and our Trackables feature streamline location data and revolutionize the way businesses mirror their real-world shop floor operations. With version 3.1, we’re empowering our clients to effortlessly scale their RTLS deployments and significantly improve their ROI.”