Sewio empowers clients to stay in control of their operations with myRTLS Care services and software

Source of information: Sewio
Category: News

Sewio, a UWB-based real-time location system (RTLS) vendor, has announced that starting today they are offering clients a new ongoing set of subscription services and software, myRTLS Care. These proactive and preventative services help users ensure proper installations and smooth operations while minimizing downtime.

The myRTLS Care package includes over 15 features that empower clients to constantly monitor the health of their system. Real-time notifications, weekly reports, and predictive alerts are a few of the advantages that help users stay in control of their mission-critical RTLS. Should any issues arise, advanced device care and Customer Experience support are available to myRTLS Care subscribers for expedited resolutions.

The new services and software offered with myRTLS Care aim to give clients greater control and advanced analytics for their systems. This is exemplified by the Alerts feature. During maintenance work, it’s possible that an anchor is accidentally hit, which affects the accuracy of the location data. If maintenance is unaware of the mistake and doesn’t report it, this unreliable data can go unnoticed until the report, potentially weeks from the incident. Alerts is a feature that immediately notifies you that an anchor is sending inaccurate location data so it can be fixed and continue sending reliable data for clear and precise visibility of operations.

“The demand on our clients has never been greater, so we are proud to launch a service such as myRTLS Care to minimize their downtime and optimize their operations,” Milan Simek, CEO at Sewio. “We are ready to support all of our RTLS users and empower them to improve their respective businesses.”