Fortum’s Loviisa nuclear power plant produces about 10% of the electricity used in Finland

Source of information: Fortum
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Fortum’s Loviisa nuclear power plant had a good production year in 2022. The power plant generated a total of 7.9 terawatt-hours (net) of carbon-free power. Thanks to the Loviisa nuclear power plant’s electricity production, Finland emits about 6 million tonnes less carbon dioxide emissions annually compared to the equivalent amount of fossil fuel-based electricity.

On an international scale, the 89.4 % load factor of the Loviisa nuclear power plant was among the best in the world for pressurised water reactors. Loviisa Unit 1’s load factor was 90.5 % and Loviisa Unit 2’s was 88.2 %.

In 2022, Loviisa’s Unit 2 underwent the extensive annual outage done every 4 years and Unit 1 the refuelling outage. The annual outage of Unit 1 lasted 29 days, and the annual outage of Unit 2 was 36 days. The annual outage of Unit 1 was delayed by about a week and Unit 2 by approximately five days from the original plan.

“The annual outages were challenging, but all the modification and repair works were completed. The main reason for the delay with Unit 1 was due to a leak in the main reactor coolant pump’s sealing water line, detected during a leak test. The most significant reason for the delay with Unit 2 was the replacement of a main reactor coolant pump, which had failed during the start-up phase, with a serviced pump,” explains Sasu Valkamo, Vice President of Loviisa nuclear power plant.

In March 2022, Fortum applied for a new operating licence for both Loviisa power plant units until the end of 2050. The process is estimated to take about one year.

“The Loviisa nuclear power plant produces about 10% of the electricity used in Finland, so it will continue to have a very important role in clean, domestic electricity production in the future,” says Valkamo.

The Loviisa nuclear power plant is a major employer in the region, providing work for approximately 530 Fortum employees and nearly 100 permanent employees of other companies working in the power plant area every day. In addition to Loviisa’s own personnel, about 750 external workers participated in the annual outages and investment projects. The power plant also employed some 80 summer trainees. Fortum’s investments in the Loviisa power plant were approximately EUR 30 million (2021: approximately EUR 30 million).

Photo: Fortum

Photo: Fortum