HT Aero will conduct X2 test flights in H1 2022 in Europe

HT Aero will conduct X2 test flights in H1 2022 in Europe

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HT Aero, an urban air mobility (UAM) company and an affiliate of XPeng Inc., made its debut in Europe presenting at the leading rotorcraft industry event, EUROPEAN ROTORS 2021, in Cologne, Germany (16 to 18 November).

On the first show day, HT Aero hosted a keynote speech “Explore Future Mobility”, illustrating the brand’s latest cutting-edge developments – the 5th-generation X2, and the 6th-generation concept of HT Aero – a flying car. The virtual exhibit demonstrates HT Aero’s industry-defining range of innovative technologies for Urban Air Mobility (UAM), presented for the first time in the heart of Europe’s rotorcraft community.

Deli Zhao, Founder and President of HT Aero, said: “We are passionate about private manned aircraft and are committed to building the world’s safest intelligent electric flying cars. We believe that in the medium term everyone will be able to realize their dream of taking to the air with HT Aero, and we are proud to develop intelligent people-first solutions that push the limits of mobility – both on the road and in the sky. We are thrilled to announce that European test flights for the X2 are planned for H1 2022.”

HT Aero in XPENG’s Multi-dimensional Ecosystem

XPENG is building the future of mobility with a multiple-dimensional ecosystem, focusing on smart electric vehicles and low-altitude flying cars, as well as robotics, all of which are consumer products centred on intelligent, people-first mobility.

In just eight years, HT Aero has produced five eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft concepts. HT Aero is dedicated to producing safe and intelligent electric low-altitude flying vehicles which combine innovative automotive and aerospace technologies. HT Aero has conducted 15,000 safe, manned flight tests since it was founded in 2013.

The 6th-Generation Concept – Shaping the Future of Mobility

HT Aero’s 6th-generation road-capable flying car will build on the company’s years of experience in developing eVTOLs, delivering an innovative vehicle for both land and air travel. Its comfortable, easy-to-use cockpit will be fully equipped with autonomous assistant pilot functions using XPENG’s signature intelligent OS. It will double down on the industry-leading safety features of the X2, and will be designed to transition seamlessly from road to air.

HT Aero has upgraded features from the X2, including the powertrain and flight controls, and has equipped the flying car with Emergency Parachute Systems. Another feature is lightweight design. The flying car has only half the body weight of the XPENG P7 smart sedan, which weighs about 1.9 tons, using carbon fibre, together with other robust and lightweight materials including aviation aluminium, titanium alloy, and magnesium alloy, to produce the vehicle body.

XPENG X2 Specifications:

➡ 4.97 m length, 4.78 m width, 1.36 m height.
➡ Arms can also be folded, making body 4.79 m long and 1.95 m wide.
➡ Rotor diameter about 1.83 m.
➡ Weight 560 kg, max take-off weight 760 kg. A full carbon fibre structure.
➡ Expected cruising speed 130 kph; expected range 35 min at max altitude of 1000 m.

Dr. Jiaxi You, Global Head of Customer Insight, XPENG, said: “HT Aero keeps on exploring to develop a real flying car which can be driven on normal roads and flown safely at low altitude. With extensive development and testing experience, we have become an efficient and united team that is innovating at a rapid pace. It took only 8 months to develop our 5th concept – X2 – and we are delighted to be unveiling our plans for the 6th-generation concept at European Rotors.”

XPENG in Europe

This latest announcement comes as part of XPENG’s emergence in Europe, with plans to launch across several markets in the coming months, and intelligent EVs are already on sale in Norway.

The XPENG G3 smart SUV was launched in Norway in April 2020 and made available to customers from December 2020. At the beginning of July 2021, XPENG released its flagship model, P7, for pre-orders in Norway, with delivery starting in October 2021. More information on XPENG’s EV availability in Norway is here.

XPENG’s vision is to transform future mobility with technology, delivering smart people-first mobility solutions. XPENG’s smart EVs are designed to adapt to their drivers, with cutting-edge intelligent software systems embedded into each model.