TI Fluid Systems has announced that it will open its Rastatt E-Mobility Innovation Center

Source of information: TI Fluid Systems
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The Rastatt e-MIC’s unique collaborative environment comprises six core competencies: virtual engineering, design, processing, prototyping, product testing, and vehicle testing. This means that TI Fluid Systems engineers can efficiently design, develop, simulate and visualize thermal management systems and components for electrified vehicles, all under one roof.

Uniting these specialist areas in one facility will streamline product development cycles, speeding up the process of bringing new products to market and helping customers to navigate the complex transition to electric vehicles.

The centerpiece of the facility is a pioneering high-resolution LED screen for 3D simulation. Measuring 9 meters by 2.5 meters, the 9-megapixel panel enables engineers to display, analyze and redesign 3D models of thermal systems and components within a full electric vehicle architecture, in a simulated environment.

Hans Dieltjens, President and CEO of TI Fluid Systems, said, “Our Take The Turn strategy empowers TI Fluid Systems to navigate the largest shift the automotive industry has ever seen. The Rastatt E-Mobility Innovation Center embodies our mission to embrace change, prioritize strategic thinking and encourage innovation across our global business.

“Working closely with many of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers, we have a deep appreciation of the need to provide our clients with a one-stop shop to meet their fluid innovation needs. Our unique global centers will do just that – cementing TI Fluid Systems’ position as a trusted thermal management technology partner for OEMs all over the world.”