The Korean producer of copper foil SK nexilis will invest about USD 760 m in the new factory in Poland

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The Korean producer of copper foil, SK nexilis, will invest approx. USD 760 mln in a new factory in Poland in Stalowa Wola. The factory will produce copper foil, which will later be used in batteries for electric cars. As the company informed, over 300 people will find employment.

According to the plans, the construction of the factory is to start at the turn of April and May 2022 and will take over 2 years, while the production of the plant itself is to start in the second half of 2024 year.

The copper foil suits as a collector for the anode current of a lithium-ion battery cell that is used in electric vehicles. The production capacity is to be at the level of 50,000 tons per year.

SKC has set itself the goal of increasing global copper foil production capacity to 250,000 tons / year by 2025, including 52,000 tons from a facility in the southwestern city of Jeongeup in Korea, 50,000 tons in Malaysia, 100,000 tons in Europe and 50,000 tons tons in the USA.

Currently the company is considering building a new copper foil factory in the United States.

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