SungEel Hitech has been launched a battery recycling plant for automotive in Poland

Source of information: Commercecon
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The construction of a battery recycling plant for electric cars has been completed, in Bukowice in Lower Silesia. Exon Invest company on behalf of the investor – POSCO and SungEel Hitech Poland, has entrusted the construction to Commercecon, a general contractor who is known to be specializing in industrial property development. The total area of the production and storage hall amounts to 6 thousand sq. m.

The new SungEel Hitech plant is the first investment of the Korean company in Poland. The Lower Silesian location is closely related to the close presence of the largest battery factory in Europe, LG Energy Solutions. Its components and defective lithium-ion modules will go to the plant in Bukowice, where they will be recycled.

Electromobility is not a fad but a conscious direction of automotive development dictated by care for the environment. It is worth noting that more and more plants are being built in Poland, producing batteries for the automotive sector and dealing with recycling. We are glad that Exon Invest, on behalf of the investor entering the Polish market, has entrusted us with the general construction of the facility. This implementation is the best recommendation for us. Still, it also shows that professionalism, commitment, and hard work are appreciated not only by Polish contractors but also by foreign investors – says Katarzyna Malinowska-Solarek, the co-owner of Commercecon.

The construction of the plant started at the beginning of this year, with the opening ceremony taking place on August 25 this year. The facility’s total area is 6,000 sq. m. with 5,100 sq. m. being occupied by the factory floor and storage facility, and the rest is a comfortable office and social space.

During the implementation of the investment, Commercecon cooperated closely and effectively with Exon Invest Sp. z o.o. and Axi Immo Group Sp. z o.o. that acted as investment coordinators and a team of investor supervision inspectors.

The facility was built in compliance with strict environmental protection standards. It was implemented using the build-to-own formula, and the applied technical and technological solutions were fully adapted to the needs of the future user. This model of cooperation, although demanding from the point of view of the general contractor, makes it possible to shape the constructed area from the beginning and meet the client’s specific requirements.

Photo: Commercecon

Photo: Commercecon