Large and easy subsidy for investments in a company – is it possible at all?

Large and easy subsidy for investments in a company – is it possible at all?

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Your competition doesn’t want you to know this, but there is a quick and easy way to obtain funding for investments in your company. In addition, the funding is for a planned or already completed investment. There is a mechanism related to Brexit.

The UK left the European Union, and politicians called it Brexit. For Polish and European companies, this does not bring anything good, because:

  • duties have been introduced which increase the price of products;
  • procedures related to import/export are more complicated;
  • special UK certificates are often necessary.

It has clearly changed. Some companies have completely resigned from trading with the UK, because it was no longer profitable. On the other hand, many companies took advantage of the situation and began importing or exporting.

This post-Brexit mechanism is nothing more than subsidies for:

  • investments (including machine purchase, modernization, IT);
  • participation in trade fairs;
  • consulting and training.

Funding may be up to EUR 500,000. Part of this amount (max. EUR 200,000) may be used for de minimis aid. Then we count on a subsidy of at least 85%, and the rest from the Regional Investment Aid. Subsidies are granted depending on the size of the enterprise and the location of the investment – they range from 50 to 70%.

There is one condition – your company had to import or export in 2018 or 2019 to the UK. The more you bought or sold, the more grants you can count on.

The bailout appears to be for companies that have seen declines as a result of Brexit. Nothing further from the truth. Let me tell you a short story.

My good client – a production company from the vicinity of Warsaw had “decreases” from several hundred thousand in 2018 to over two million in 2021. The application has already been submitted and we are waiting for funds. By the way – this will be our 10th grant. It’s worth living for moments like this.

What to do so that we do not lose such a subsidy?

1. First of all, do not waste time, because the next call for proposals, perhaps the last one, starts in January. Don’t worry, we’ll make it in time.

2. See in your accounting whether your company had any purchases or sales to the UK in 2018-2019.

3. Then apply here 
I will send you a tool to collect data and honestly tell you whether you can count on a subsidy and in what amount. I will also check the de minimis aid limit.

And the rest… it’s just a formality.