SPS: Smart Production Solutions 2023 [Nürnberg]

14-16 November, Nürnberg

Why you should visit the SPS 2023:

  • Meet over 1,000 national and international exhibitors, including many world market leaders.
  • Learn all about the latest trends and developments in the automation industry first-hand.
  • Find solutions for your work areas and experience the unique working-fair character of the SPS.

Event profile

With its unique concept, the SPS covers the entire spectrum of smart and digital automation – from simple sensors to intelligent solutions, from what is feasible today to the vision of a fully digitalized industrial world.

The SPS is the highlight event of the automation industry. It is a source of inspiration and a platform for innovation.

Exhibition topics

Bringing Automation to Life

Experts on site will present the following topics:

  • Control technology
  • IPCs
  • Electric drive systems and components
  • Human-Machine-Interface devices
  • Industrial communication
  • Software & IT in manufacturing
  • Interface technology
  • Mechanical infrastructure
  • Sensor technology and system solutions
  • Space is also allocated to exhibitors on the SPS site plan based on these main topics.

Visitors of the SPS

The highly-qualified visitors come to the exhibition with specific problems. During intensive discussions at the stands, they can compare solutions from different manufacturers to find the perfect solution for the automation tasks in their companies.