Shaping the Future: AI’s Impact on Management and Business Models

25-26 April, Gdańsk
Shaping the Future: AI’s Impact on Management and Business Models

The 22nd BMDA Conference is a significant international event aimed at promoting cooperation in the fields of management, business development, and innovation. Annually, it attracts leading experts, representatives from universities, businesses, and institutions both domestically and internationally. This year, it will take place on April 25-26 in Gdańsk at the European Solidarity Centre.

The conference program includes panel discussions, lectures, and a study visit to selected companies in the region, allowing participants to gain valuable knowledge and establish valuable business contacts. The conference’s theme covers issues related to the implementation of artificial intelligence in management practices.

The annual forum serves as a platform for the exchange of experiences among experts representing 70 institutions from 25 countries.

The conference will consist of four parts:

  • Experiences of the Past Year: Presentation of managerial experiences related to the application of artificial intelligence tools in various management areas. The debate is divided into several thematic areas (redefining the business environment, strategy and business model, market communication, operational excellence, human resources development, change management). Each block consists of two 10-minute managerial presentations and a brief discussion with participants to maintain the debate’s pace, identify key areas of interest, and enable in-depth informal discussions.
  • Best Practices and Reflections: Presentations by invited guests aiming to showcase changes brought about by artificial intelligence from a broader perspective, including social, ethical, legal, and educational aspects.
  • Study Visit to Selected Companies in the Region
  • International Business School Representatives Forum: How to respond to market needs and new education opportunities through the joint use of resources and competencies?

The event is directed at managers actively participating in organizational changes resulting from the widespread use of artificial intelligence tools. Invitations to participate in the conference have also been extended to representatives of international business schools supporting the development of managerial competencies in the utilization of artificial intelligence potential.

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About the event organizer:

BMDA – Baltic Management Development Association, an international association bringing together representatives from universities, businesses, and other institutions from countries around the Baltic Sea, and beyond. Its main goal is to promote cooperation in the fields of management, business development, and innovation in the Baltic region through organizing conferences, research projects, and providing educational services. The BMDA association serves as a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences, simultaneously supporting the development of international relationships in the field of management.