PAK SERWIS: experienced in maintenance and assembly of installations for the power industry

PAK SERWIS: experienced in maintenance and assembly of installations for the power industry

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PAK SERWIS Sp. z o.o. is almost 60 years of experience in maintenance and assembly of energy equipment and installations. It is also a continuation of the tradition and energy ethos of the service and repair services, which in 1999 were separated from individual power plants of Zespół Elektrowni Pątnów Adamów Konin SA as a separate company.

Initially, its activities focused on the area of ZE PAK – in the field of power plant maintenance and participation in the implementation of investment projects related to the reconstruction and expansion of production capacity. In the following years, the company gradually expanded the scope of its activities – both on the domestic market and abroad, which enabled the acquisition of extensive experience in the implementation of various types of energy facilities.

In July 2017, the Company’s potential increased significantly as a result of the merger of Przedsiębiorstwo Serwisu Automatyki i Urządzeń Elektrycznych EL PAK Sp. z o.o.

Currently, PAK SERWIS has over 1000 highly qualified and experienced employees, including over 100 engineers, and the offer includes services in the construction and mechanical industries, as well as in the electrical, I&C and IT industries. The company also has an extensive workshop and logistics base, as well as specialist laboratories and diagnostic laboratories.

First – maintenance

In the face of high competition in the markets and the growing requirements for reliability and safety, the right level of maintenance becomes a key success factor for any production plant – especially a plant with continuous operation. In order to meet customer expectations, it is necessary – in addition to having the necessary human resources and experience – to use professional methods and tools, including CMMS systems, which are the basis of modern maintenance systems.

Fot. PAK Serwis

Fot. PAK Serwis

Unlike most service companies, PAK SERWIS uses its own CMMS class system (implemented in the company) – MAXIMO (IBM) for maintenance management. This system is distinguished by extensive, specialized modules and functions facilitating, among others, construction of structured databases on serviced objects (including the construction of a “location tree” and “equipment tree”) as well as planning and supervision over the implementation of maintenance activities (including generating orders). The use of the MAXIMO system allows for better use of resources and optimization of the entire maintenance process. Thanks to the analysis of the data collected by the system, it is also possible to more effectively plan the scope of repairs of individual devices and systems, as well as possible modernizations.

Maintenance is the primary area of PAK SERWIS operation, its genesis. Currently, the company maintains the operation of technological, electrical, automation and IT systems and devices in 4 power plants of ZE PAK S.A. – providing comprehensive services including: maintenance management (based on the MAXIMO system), inspections, ongoing maintenance and scheduled inspections of devices, periodic tests and measurements, removal of defects as part of the technical emergency – 24h / 7d, renovation and repair works. It also runs the maintenance service of 60 PSE power stations.

Second – the implementation of projects

Another area of PAK SERWIS activity is the implementation of projects. The company’s potential allows for independent performance of complex tasks – from providing design and formal and legal documentation, through completion of deliveries, assembly and post-assembly tests, to commissioning and handing over of the facilities for use. Regardless of this, PAK SERWIS also performs selected scopes of work for the main contractors of investment tasks.

The main areas of activity are:

  • low and medium voltage electrical systems and installations (including switching stations, control and protection systems, heating systems, cable and overhead lines),
  • high voltage power stations (including – EAZ systems and automatic earth fault current compensation systems),
  • power and heating units with auxiliary installations (including – pressure systems of the units, supporting structures for boilers, installation of turbine sets with accessories, power evacuation systems from turbogenerators, carburization and ash removal systems, kindling oil installations),
  • process automation systems and technological devices;

Currently, PAK SERWIS performs a number of works on the implementation of large energy projects, including:
– Block no. 5 and 6 at PGE El. Opole,
– a new power unit in El Turów,
– Jaworzno II Power Plant,
– Extension of the 220/110 kV Adamów substation.

PAK SERWIS also offers services in the field of prefabrication, repair and regeneration of devices as well as workshop works:
– manufacturing of pressure elements of steam boilers,
– production, repair and regeneration of structural elements and subassemblies (including gears),
– machining and plasma cutting,
– bending pipes and sheets (CNC press brake, CNC hydraulic bending machine),
– regeneration of: coal mills hammer wheels, gears, belt rollers, afterburning grates, slag scrapers, etc.,
– prefabrication of steel structures,
– prefabrication of racks, boxes and automation cabinets (object cabinets, DCS systems) as well as electrical switchboards and electrical power protection automation cabinets.

Fot. PAK Serwis

Fot. PAK Serwis

Specialization and development of services

In addition to standard works and deliveries related to the implementation of projects, PAK SERWIS tries to develop its competences in the field of specialized technical services and diagnostics, such as:
– configuration and programming of digital control systems (DCS, PAC and PLC, SCADA)
– configuration and testing of electrical protection,
– thermographic tests,
– leak detection in vacuum and pressure systems,
– measurements of gaseous pollutants and dust emissions (PCBC accreditation),
– testing of electrical equipment and installations (including testing of primary apparatus and high-voltage transformers, motors and generators, cable lines),
– heat treatment of welded elements, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and radiographic tests,
– destructive and non-destructive tests of materials (2nd degree approval granted by the Central Laboratory of Technical Inspection), including spectrometric tests of chemical composition)
– checking equipment for measuring temperature, pressure and electrical quantities,

PAK SERWIS services are performed based on the procedures of an integrated management system compliant with the PN-EN ISO 9001: 2009, PN-EN ISO 14001: 2005, PN-N-18001: 2004 standards, and all activities are aimed at obtaining customer satisfaction by meeting the requirements of their requirements and expectations.