SYRMA – a supercar designed by a Pole


Poland as a pioneer of the automotive industry? So far, this thesis is a bit exaggerated, but certainly four wheels are experiencing a second youth on the Vistula. The first were toddlers, polonaises or the so-called large Fiats. Today, the Polish contribution to the automotive industry has a completely different dimension. This is because exclusive supercars for the elite are made in our country. After arrinera hussarya, we can be proud of the syrma – the concept of a supercar that conquered the 85th Geneva International Motor Show 2015.

The main designer of Syrma is Jacek Chrzanowski, 27-year-old from Łódź. First, he studied at the local Academy of Fine Arts, and then moved to Turin, where he studied at the Istituto Europeo di Design. Even then, he designed for Janusz Kaniewski, who collaborated with Ferrari. Chrzanowski is also a laureate of Electrolux Design Lab Poland – an international competition for young designers organized for 13 years, in which several thousand students and graduates from over 60 countries take part, presenting surprising and unusual concepts of solutions for households of the future. “I went through several stages – through painting, sculpture, visual identification, fashion, etc. Later I dealt with industrial design and, as a result, I deal with designing cars” – says Jacek Chrzanowski.

Top eleven

Chrzanowski decided to do something great and unusual, but he needed the help of professionals from all over the world. So he assembled the 11DesignTeam project team, which, apart from Chrzanowski, included: Xingwu Li (China) and Jingwen Wu (China), Cho-Ta Lu (Taiwan), Marshin Bhatt (India), Gaurav Anand Jagtap (India), Sunny Gurmukh Ramrakhiani ( India), Rahul Surendra Sadwelkar (India), Reza Shahla (Iran), Dror Peleg (Israel) and Aldo Hernandez Schurmann (Mexico). “We were all designers. We were lucky because we were great friends even before this project took off. Each of us has created our proposal according to our own vision. They were similar mainly when it comes to the figure” says Chrzanowski in an interview with <>.

This global mix of designers started the Syrma concept. The car’s prototype was built at the Moncalieri company, currently belonging to the Cecomp Group, specializing in the production of prototypes.

Sexy, aggressive Italian

“When it comes to the appearance of the vehicle, we had full freedom, but we wanted the body to fit the canon of the Italian design school as much as possible” Chrzanowski said in an interview with <>. “We tried not to forget where the roots of this project are, and I hope it shows.” “The sexy, clean form of the body, combined with an aggressive front and extreme rear end, was intended to emphasize the purpose and power of this vehicle” the chief designer describes his work.

Geneva success

The car made its debut in Geneva and delighted experts and visitors. The project was very popular and received a lot of positive feedback. The car was considered one of the most interesting studio cars and compared with models such as italdesign giugiaro gea concept or aston martin vulcan. “Every day we get news from all over the world about publications about our car. Many friends of designers send their congratulations and warm words to this car. It is very refreshing and nice” says Chrzanowski.

fot. IED Istituto Europeo di Design Syrma Concept

fot. IED Istituto Europeo di Design Syrma Concept

The cosmic interior and safety of the future

Appearance is not everything. Syrma can delight both with great power, as well as with comfort and luxury. The vehicle is over 4.7 m long, almost 2 m wide and just over 1 m high. It is powered by a hybrid system based on the 4.0 V6 engine, offering a total power of 900 hp. The 4-liter V-biturbo engine powers the rear axle and the hybrid engine drives the front axle.

The creators of Syrma certainly looked at McLaren. The car is for three people. The driver sits in the front center with room for two passengers. The cosmic idea, however, is the complete absence of glass! Instead of a glass relic, the car’s interior has screens that display to the driver what is happening around, considerably the field of view and improve visibility at night.

Moreover, the car is equipped with special headlights that inform other road users that a vehicle is approaching. This improves the safety of other drivers as well as pedestrians. The Syrma car is extremely quiet and it is difficult to hear that it is approaching.

“We worked in a specific Turin environment. Narrow streets do not allow you to speed up. Even Ferraris don’t run very fast here. But when a Ferrari is driving, you can hear it, and when a hybrid is driving, you cannot actually hear it at all”- explains Chrzanowski.

The laser headlights also scan what is happening in front of the vehicle, alerting the driver to obstacles or hazards. In addition, a red line is displayed in front of the car showing where the car will decelerate from its current speed and be allowed to stop.

Will Syrma go into production?

The question of when and whether Syrma will go into production at all is difficult to answer. Of course, this is only a car concept at the moment. Probably it will never go into production like many similar projects.

“What belonged to us has been done,” says Chrzanowski. – This is a sad moment for any designer when he ceases to have an influence on a given car. Sometimes he is not even given a chance to see him a second time. If something is going to happen with this project, someone will call you and I will propose further cooperation. As authors, we have no influence on it” he adds.

However, the citizen of Łódź already has a plan for the future. He wants to open a design office in Poland. Together with the team working at Syrma, he wants to design cars in Poland. Chrzanowski emphasizes, however, that he is interested in something more than just the automotive industry. “I think that when I come back to Łódź, I will mainly design beautiful things. Every creator needs a stepping stone, even if he works with sports superauts, he may get bored of it with time. I would just like to be the designer of people’s dreams” he says.

Recently, Chrzanowski stayed at the Pininfarina design office. We will be able to see the effects of his work in a famous company only in two or three years. Now he will be doing something else again. “I would not want to sit still, I hope that for a while I will have the opportunity to jump from place to place” – ends Chrzanowski, already thinking about creating another project that will make human dreams come true.