Car windshields: component, which has direct impact on our safety

Car windshields: component, which has direct impact on our safety

Source of information: SIKA

The windshield plays a significant role in ensuring the safety of vehicle drivers and passengers. It supports the airbags and houses sensors and cameras that are part of the ADAS driver assistance systems. It happens, however, that we are forced to replace it. – In such a case, it is our duty to use proven companies and solutions. After all, our life is at stake – says Grzegorz Topolski, an expert from Sika, whose adhesives are used during replacement of approx. 33 percent. automotive glass in the world.

What is the function of the windshield in the vehicle? Most of us only know that it provides the visibility needed to control what is happening on the road. True, but… incomplete. In fact, the windshield is much more important to road safety than we think.

– Its role is also to protect the driver and passengers in the event of an accident, and to strengthen the stiffness of the roof during rollover – explains Grzegorz Topolski – Let us, for example, pay attention to the windshield. It supports the airbags that are activated in the event of an accident. So if we do not paste it in accordance with the technological requirements, do not use the appropriate window glue, we risk that it will be pushed out in the event of an accident. The consequences of the failure to inflate the airbag can be dire for the driver and passenger.

New technologies in the production of car windows
Technological advances in the automotive industry have made vehicle windows different from those that were part of older cars. They are thinner, their surface area has been significantly increased. But it is not everything. Cameras that are part of ADAS systems are mounted on the windshields, i.e. advanced driver assistance systems. What kind? These include the emergency braking system with pedestrian recognition, lane departure warning and road sign recognition. On the windshields of cars more and more often we can also find sensors that detect the intensity of light and rain.

Of course, not all vehicles, especially the older ones, are packed with modern technology for the safety of the driver and passengers. However, as of May 2022, all new car models and versions sold in the European Union will be compulsorily equipped with various safety systems, such as lane keeping or distraction detection. Two years later, the regulations will apply to all new cars.

Not only that, experts predict that soon the use of the so-called augmented reality. What does it mean? The car’s windshield will simply become… a digital cockpit.

Replacing the glass is a very complicated and serious matter
However, every glass, even the most modern and packed with electronics, can be damaged and must be replaced. Considering the important role it plays in the car, it is an activity that requires full professionalism from the service provider.

– First of all, it is important to use professional materials based on advanced technologies, thanks to which we will be sure that the replaced glass will fulfill all the functions provided by the manufacturer. At the same time, the shortest possible safe departure time (SDAT) will be ensured – explains Grzegorz Topolski.

SikaTack used in the automotive glass replacement process. – Another issue is the proper calibration of cameras and sensors located on the glass. Only then can we be sure that we will feel safe on the roads when leaving the workshop. That is why you should trust proven companies working on the basis of products of the highest quality. After all, our life is at stake here!