Brose and Volkswagen launch joint venture Brose Sitech for seat systems

Source of information: Brose
Category: Automotive News

Brose Sitech started operations as an independent supplier of seating systems from January 1, 2022, based in Polkowice, Poland. Both Brose and Volkswagen each own 50 % of the shares in joint venture.

The new entity expects to double its turnover to EUR 2.8 billion by 2030. The number of employees is expected to increase to around 7,000.

As a leading supplier of seating systems, Brose brings many years of experience in the construction of manual and electric seats and their adjustment components to the joint venture. In addition, an automotive supplier combines its mechatronic products into intelligent systems using software and sensor technology. Sitech has extensive expertise in the development, assembly and logistics of complete seating systems and metal structures.

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