FORD and SK Innovation will invest USD 11.4 billion in the Blue Oval City project

Source of information: FORD
Category: Automotive News

The $ 11.4 billion electric vehicle manufacturing facility and battery complex will be located in Tennessee and Kentucky. The investment will create nearly 11,000 new jobs in two southern states – nearly 6,000 in Stanton, Tennessee, and 5,000 in Glendale, Kentucky.

Production of the new F-series electric pickup trucks and advanced lithium-ion batteries will begin in 2025. The three new BlueOval SK battery factories – two in Kentucky and one in Tennessee – will provide Ford with 129 gigawatt hours of battery production per year.

By reimagining how to design, manufacture and recycle electric vehicles and the batteries that power them, Ford is creating a whole new ecosystem of electric vehicle manufacturing. The plant will be designed to be carbon neutral and that production waste is not disposed of in a landfill.

The campus will include vehicle assembly, battery production and a supplier park. The assembly plant will use cloud-connected technologies to provide significant improvements in quality and productivity. The mega campus is designed to add more sustainable solutions, including the potential to use indigenous renewable energies such as geothermal, solar and wind energy.

Through the on-site wastewater treatment plant, the car assembly plant will aim at zero fresh water intake for assembly processes by incorporating water reuse and recycling systems. Zero-waste-to-landfill processes will capture materials and manufacturing scrap at a local material collection center in order to sort and route materials for recycling or treatment at the facility or at off-site facilities once the facility is operational.