xArm: Probably the most cost-effective and intuitive robotic arm

xArm: Probably the most cost-effective and intuitive robotic arm


What is xArm?

Technology is advancing at a dizzying pace and companies are constantly looking for the most cost-effective manufacturing solutions that will increase productivity. If you are not developmental and innovative in your industry, you may not survive.

Robotic arms have helped production on production lines for decades, but it is known that such assistance usually costs a lot.

The xArm robotic arm has been created to support production systems that allow you to accelerate work efficiency. As described by the manufacturer, productivity with the use of this arm can improve by over 95%, and the investment will not only reduce labor costs but also increase production.

Pick-Place Formula

The robot has been designed to work so that everyone can adjust the arm to their needs. The arm can work in many axes, it is ideal for repetitive tasks.

Machines operation

High-precision xArm equipment can precisely operate your machines 24 hours a day.

Loading and unloading

Example: after elements printing in a 3D printer, the xArm device detects them using a vision system, automatically unloads objects from the printer and immediately and loads them into the box

xArm in 3 views

xArm 5 Lite is the inexpensive and most economical robotic arm among its peers, it can be widely used especially for pick-n-place tasks

xArm 6 has a lifting capacity of up to 5 kg and an accuracy of 0.1 mm, provides increased dexterity and flexibility

xArm 7 offers human-like flexibility

Robot configuration and specification

Unlike an industrial grade robotic arm which is heavy and often bulky, the xArm is lightweight and user-friendly, with a handy and quick setup that allows it to be used in any process and in a variety of settings.

The arm is equipped with a universal tool holder which allows users to install different tools as needed. Comes with: a gripper and a vacuum suction cup to help you with a variety of tasks.

Thanks to the built-in camera sensor, the gripper can react with the environment and take appropriate action.

With a payload of up to 5 kg and a reach of 700 mm, the xArm is accurate to +/- 0.1 mm. The arm very well reflects the movement of a real human arm with amazing dexterity.

The xArm is made of carbon fiber, which is 50% lighter than the material used in a standard industrial robot. This solution not only provides optimal strength, but also provides great flexibility.

You can program xArm without the help of experienced staff

UFactory adds a software package called xArm Studio that helps us program robots for a given task. Along with the basic block-based drag-and-drop interface, users can also teach robots by manually moving the arm to the desired positions. Studio can run on Windows, iOS, Linux and Android laptops and tablets.

Safety with the robot

Safety is an essential point of xArm. The Model 6 and 7 have built-in collision detection, stopping the arm in half a second if they bump into something or someone unexpected.