Source of information: Airborne

The solution provides an automated preforming system that makes use of Automated Ply Placement (APP) technology. It delivers the advantages of freeform shapes, tailored blanks with local patches. Automated Preforming (AP) system can do multi material, for example UD tape and fabric, carbon and glass, polymer films, core materials, metal mesh, recycled materials.

The AP has a vision system to check the quality of the ply and the position of the ply on the end effector. You can rely on on-the-fly adjustment of the system, based on the vision system, to achieve high precision placement. Also APP has a buffer system, so plies can be cut in the optimal nesting order instead of placement order, to reduce waste.

The AP makes use of Automated Programming, the design input is directly translated into the robot programme. Adjustments can be made by adjusting the input dxf files, no programming skills needed.

What are the benefits of automating the production of preforms?

Automation of preforming ensures high volume production at constant quality. Manual preforming is a repetitive process which requires both skill and concentration from the operators. With higher production rates it becomes increasingly difficult for operators to keep up with production while maintaining quality.

Automated Preforming can solve these challenges by handling plies, assembling blanks robustly and can even include automatic inspection systems. Digital traceability throughout the process ensures transparency on your shop floor.

  • Eliminates manual lay-up
  • 100% net-shape
  • Suitable for dry fibre and thermoplastic
  • Extremely versatile: can handle any material form