Meca500: the smallest and the most precise robot in the world

Meca500 is the only industrial robotic arm that fits in the hand of a human being with a total weight of just 4.5 kg and a reach of up to 330 mm.

This 6-axis robot can handle payloads up to 0.5 kg with a precision of 0.005 mm. The robot controller is embedded in its base.

Meca500 is a plug-and-play machine that offers great flexibility and simplicity. The communication protocol is simple with fewer than 50 proprietary commands. There are no training courses, no software to install, no purchase options. You simply permanently connect the robot to the computer or PLC with the supplied Ethernet cable and use the programming language of your choice (Java, Python etc.).

The robot can also be controlled via a web interface accessible via any web browser. The web interface provides access to the jog window, allowing the robot to be controlled with the arrow keys, 3D robot imaging, and the programming window.

The intuitive web interface for operating the robot is located on the robot’s controller and is accessible via a web browser.

The assembly of all components in such a small space had to be a big challenge for the designers. The electric drives had to be small, efficient and to high quality standards. The best in terms of precision and long service life – after all, they have to work for several years in continuous operation.

The manufacturer decided on brushless flat motors from Maxon. The EC series motors range in size from 9 to 90 mm in diameter, weigh 30 to 70 g and offer high torque, suitable for robotic applications.

The robot is used for testing, inspection, micro-assembly, dispensing and pick-and-place applications in small confined spaces.