3 new precision aerospace machine tools from Doosan Machine Tools

South Korea is the most technologically advanced country in the world. The mother of such concerns as Samsung, Hyundai, LG, KIA and Doosan, to which we flew at the Aerospace Solution Demo Day – the premiere of three newest machine tools dedicated to the aviation industry.

During the several-day stay, we visited two factories producing elements for the aviation sector and we had the opportunity to see the production of these machines in the Doosan plants themselves.

Their machine tools produce not only parts for aviation but also for the space industry. In one of the production plants, we could see an element commissioned by the government as part of the satellite construction project.

Machines produce intricate, high-precision shapes from materials such as aluminum, titanium and a heat-resistant Inconel.

A highly developed R&D department with over 450 scientists on board is rapidly helping Doosan machines to reach the top in the sale of machining machines in the world in the next 5 years – this is what vice president of Jeongjin Kim, who is primarily responsible for the research and development department of products, sees the future. The company has over 356 machine models to its credit.

Aerospace manufacturing is highly demanding at all levels of the supply chain from OEM to subcontractor. Our offer includes machine tools:

For the production of structural parts where the machines from the BM and DBC series are dedicated – respectively for large dimensions, 5-axis DNM machining center and multi-task turning centers from the PUMA SMX series.

For the production of parts dedicated to aircraft engines, such as engine covers or blades: PUMA VTR, DHF and VC630 operating in 5 axes.

For the production of chassis parts where vertical machining centers from the MD / VM / Mynx series are dedicated, horizontal: NHP / NHM and turning centers from the PUMA V series used, for example, in the production of brake discs.

Complex workpieces such as actuators, turbine blades and hydraulic valve blocks require different machining disciplines that can lead to production bottlenecks. Lowering costs is a key issue for any business. Currently, there is a trend towards processes involving the production of several products on one machine and the use of multi-tasking turning centers and 5-axis machining centers including automation, says Jeongjin Kim.

The new 5-axis DVF 5000 and DVF 8000 and HFP 1540

Doosan recently introduced two DVF 5000 and DVF 8000 machines, he adds. They are available with various drivers such as: Fanuc, Siemens and Heidenhain. They provide manufacturers with a full 5-axis simultaneous machining function. The machines are ready for automation and can be delivered with a variety of automatic pallet changing systems to increase their productivity potential.

Both machines are equipped with a 12,000 rpm direct-coupled spindle (option also with an integrated 18,000 rpm spindle). For the DVF 5000, they are equipped with a 500 mm rotary table (optional 630 mm) or, for the DVF 8000, with a direct drive 800 mm rotary table.

The newest child for large parts production is the 5-axis HFP 1540 machine tool with 4×1.5 meter table and universal head – capable of producing ribs for aircraft wings, which is also a solution to help reduce operations and lead times.

aI doo CONTROL – an intelligent factory

The topic that deserves attention nowadays is the concept of Industry 4.0 and IoT, where Doosan is not indifferent. We have created aI doo CONTROL solution that monitors production processes and collects data from our machines, which are packed with sensors, so that we can, for example, predict a machine failure and prevent it earlier – continues Jeongjin Kim. The tool is the solution for smart factories. The biggest change is to increase productivity through efficient operations over time and minimize downtime. Consecutive reduction of the level of defects arising in the machining process and reduction of tool costs.

The clients of this global player include companies such as Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, Airbus, Rolls Royce, GE, Honeywell, ALP Aviation, Safran and UTC Systems. The global sales network covers 54 countries.